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How to sync survey responses to Braze and use response data to create Braze segments

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Survicate and Braze integration offers real-time data syncing capabilities, ensuring that the most up-to-date information from Survicate surveys is immediately available in Braze. This allows for timely and relevant actions based on customer feedback.

Specifically, the Survicate and Braze integration allows you to:

  • Send survey responses to Braze as custom user attributes

  • Save question answers as events in Braze

In the long run, you can use this data in Braze to create even more specific segments based on the survey responses.

Make sure your respondents are recognized

For the integration to work, the respondents must be recognized - we have to know who responded in order to send responses to this person's Braze profile.

1. Email surveys

  • To identify the respondents automatically in email surveys, you have to choose Braze as your distribution tool both in the Configure and Share tab of your survey:

  • If you send your survey via another tool, you can still identify the respondents with contact forms. To achieve that, you have to add a contact form question with a required email address field to your survey:

❗ If you'll be identifying respondents with a Contact Form question, please make sure that the Contact Form is placed before the mapped questions in your survey

2. Website surveys

  • To identify the respondents automatically in website surveys, you have to collect user email as an attribute.

  • You can also use the contact form question, as described above ⬆️

3. Mobile surveys

Connect Braze integration

1. To enable Braze integration, go to the Connect tab of your survey, find, and pick Braze from the list of integrations.

2. Click the Connect button to set up the authorization.

3. Insert your Braze account Workspace API Key and Braze Instance URL

4. Now, the integration is ready to use!

Sending responses to Braze as Custom Attributes

Once the integration is enabled, you'll be able to flow survey responses into Braze as custom attributes. By doing so, you'll enrich your Braze user profiles with collected data.

1. Open your survey and go to the Connect tab. In the Connect tab, find Braze integration. In the Settings tab of Braze Integration you'll see the Update fields section:

2. Select the question you wish to update the fields from. To avoid flooding your Braze user profiles with data, we enable you to only send responses to chosen questions:

Ranking and Matrix questions are not supported for Braze integration

3. Add the name of the custom attribute you'd like to update under the User field

By default, Survicate sends the content of a survey response as an attribute value, but you can change the label to make it shorter or to fit your data structure - click edit mapping to modify these values:

We send the values mapped based on the response group for the NPS® question. However, if you'd like to receive your numeric value, you can switch on "Send Answers as 0-10 values".

4. You can connect more questions to your integration by clicking ➕Add new and applying the same steps.

5. Later on, you can for example use this data to create new Braze segments based on attributes:

Send an event to your Braze profile once someone answers the survey question

Each time a respondent answers a survey question, Survicate triggers a custom event within Braze named survicate-question-answered.

1. In the users' profiles, you can see how many times they responded to Survicate surveys and when was the last time they responded:

2. The event contains event properties with the answer to the question and the information about the survey, question, and respondent. You can use this event to create segments, for example, create a segment of users who responded to a survey after a particular date, or a particular number of times:

Testing the integration

Once you have your survey ready and integration set up, you can test it without leaving Survicate - click the Test Integration button next to any field you've created.

We will create a test user and send answers to this user's profile in the format you selected.

Best practices

Embed surveys to your Braze Campaign

Create a link or email survey and send it via Braze in order to automatically identify your respondents.

In Braze, you can use the Survicate custom events to:

  • Trigger a campaign or Canvas based on a custom event using action-based delivery.

  • Segment users based on how many times they performed a custom event, when the last time the event occurred, etc.

  • Boost your analytics by using dashboard custom event analytics to view an aggregate of how often each event occurred, finding additional analytics using funnel and retention reports, or generating more sophisticated analytics with Currents.

Custom attributes sent from Survicate to Braze can be used to:

  • Build out audience segments

  • Personalize messaging

  • Trigger specific campaigns or messages

📞 If you have any questions about setting up Braze integration - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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