This article will guide you through changing the organization's ownership and name.

Please note that to change the organization name or transfer ownership, you need to be the owner of the organization.

Table of contents:

Change the organization owner

1. To change the organization owner, please go to Organization Settings > General and under Organization owner, please click Transfer ownership.

2. In the pop-up window, you can select the new owner. You can choose only the person that is a teammate in your organization.

If you want to transfer ownership to someone who doesn't have an account, you need to send an invitation in order to add a new teammate to your organization.

3. You will need to confirm you're authorized to transfer account ownership by entering the code we sent to your email address.

Change the organization's name

1. To change the organization name, please go to Organization Settings > General, and under Organization name, click Edit.

2. In the pop-up window, insert your new organization name and click Update.

Best Practices

Manage your teammate's permissions

Learn more about adding, removing teammates, and adjusting their permissions.

Manage your subscription directly from the user interface

Upgrade, cancel, or modify your subscription directly from your dashboard.

📞 If you are experiencing issues while transferring ownership or changing your organization's name, contact us at or initiate a chat conversation.

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