What are workspaces?

Workspaces are separated spaces containing surveys and users that help you organize your surveys and integrations.

Having multiple workspaces allow you to:

  • Easily display surveys on different websites (each workspace has a different website tracking code)

  • Integrate with different accounts of the same software

  • Manage permissions across the teams

Adding Workspaces

To add a Workspace, move on to Settings > Workspaces and click Add Workspace button.

Once you create a new Workspace, you’ll get a unique, workspace-specific Tracking Code which you should install on a new domain, allowing you to show surveys on multiple websites.

💬 Please note that only organization owners can add a new workspace.

📌Each account and subscription comes with one workspace. If you'd like to purchase additional workspaces contact us at support@survicate.com or start a chat 📩.

Changing Workspace name

You can change the displayed workspace name in ⚙️Settings > Workspaces. Click the edit icon next to the workspace you'd like to change the name, and modify its name from the opened window:

Removing Workspaces

To delete a workspace, go to ⚙️Settings > Workspaces and click on the trash bin icon corresponding to this workspace.

❗Please note that only the organization owner is able to remove a Workspace.

❗Removing a Workspace will remove all associated surveys and responses as well!

If you are trying to add or delete a workspace but are unable to do so, contact us at support@survicate.com.

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