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Topics - Text Responses Summarization

Analyze your surveys' text answers with our AI feature

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If your survey contains a Text answer question, in the Analyze tab, you will see:

  • a list of all answers and survey statistics,

  • word cloud analysis of the responses,

  • text answers summarized into relevant topics.

The Topics feature uses AI to draw conclusions from open-text questions.

We use an Enterprise version of Open AI GPT4 API for topic generation.

Their commitment is: "We do not train on your data from ChatGPT Enterprise or our API Platform."

The feature provides a summary of all text answers your respondents used while filling out the survey, saving you time and effort.

Additionally, the Topics are arranged from the most to least popular, making it extra easy for you to find out what your respondents talk about the most often.

πŸ“Œ This feature is available on some of the plans. Check out the pricing page for detailed information about our plans and pricing or reach out to our team from live chat πŸ‘‰.

To access this feature, head to the Analyze > Overall responses tab and find your Text answer question.

Here, you'll be able to analyze All responses, see the Word Cloud, and check out the Topics.

As soon as the summary is generated, you can see not only the most popular topics, but also the number of text answers they appeared in, as well as open the dropdown showing you the actual full responses that were assigned to this topic.

Clicking on the β˜… lets you save a chosen response in the Feedback Hub, while clicking on the πŸ‘€ icon takes you to the Analyze > Individual responses tab to see the respondent's whole survey submission.

❗️For Topics to appear in your survey's analysis, the Text answer question must:

  • have over 50 text responses,

  • not collect personal data such as the email addresses of your respondents.

πŸ’‘ If you have multiple Text answer questions in one survey, you will be able to see Topics relevant to each of them, as long as the question meets the above conditions (has more than 50 text responses and doesn't collect personal data).


My Text answer question has over 50 responses, but the Topics aren't being generated.

If you see Generating topics... for a long time, it's possible some of the responses are single words or letters, which aren't suitable to take into account when summarizing most-discussed topics.Β 

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