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How to access your respondents' profiles?

Dive into the Individual responses tab to quickly get to know more about your respondents and the feedback provided by them. To open this section, go to Analyze and find the respondent icon on the left bar.

Once you land on the page, you'll see a detailed profile of your respondents and useful features that will let you work with the feedback faster.

1️⃣ You can filter responses by question, provided answer, name, email, operating system, device, tags, or choose the timeframe.

2️⃣ All respondents are listed in the left panel, where you can see their email address and the date user responded.

3️⃣ Once you highlight the respondent, you'll see the person's precise answers in the middle panel.

4️⃣ Use the share button to share the feedback with your team.

5️⃣ This trash can icon will let you delete one answer that's visible in the middle panel.

6️⃣ Export your results in XLS or CSV files.

7️⃣ On the rights side you can review your respondent profile. Collecting respondents data is dependent on a type of survey and distribution tool you are using. By default Survicate will gather anonymous responses, but you can use a tool to identify respondents with, use merge tags in link surveys and pass attributes from your website.

Find a response matching your criteria

You can use different timeframe settings for displaying the results. The default option will show all of the results since launching the survey.

Use the custom settings or view the responses provided in the last quarter, month or week.

You can sort your results by:

Question and answer: display only the respondents who answered precise questions. You can also choose if the answer starts with, ends with, contains, doesn't contain input value, is unknown or has any value. It's possible to filter NPS by the exact score given by the respondent.

✉️ Email of the respondent

📇 Name of the respondent

⚙️ Operating system respondent uses, such as Android, iOS, macOS, Linux, Windows, Chrome OS, Other

💻 Device used to respond, such as Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, TV

🏷 Tags assigned or not assigned to respondent.

By default, AND condition is used to filter the results. You can change that - click on and between the filters to vary from AND to OR condition.

Get to know your respondent better

Respondent's profile now contains information such as:

1️⃣ exact time of provided response

2️⃣ URL where the answer was given

3️⃣ User attributes

4️⃣ Tags

Share respondents profile with your team

Chosen responses can be shared with the team in just a few clicks. Select the Share button so you can:

  • Copy link and send the answer via email or chat,

  • Share on Slack to the selected channel,

  • Invite colleague to your workspace and work together with provided responses.

Sharing respondents profiles on Slack will require integrating the tool with Survicate. Read more about how to enable Slack integration. After authorizing integration, choose the channel and share the feedback.

Delete responses in just a few clicks

To delete one response, highlight it, so the answers are visible in the middle panel and click the trash can icon next to the Share button.

If you want to delete spam or useless feedback in bulk, mark a checkbox in a few of them and choose the trash can icon visible in the left panel at the top. If you mark the checkbox next to that icon, all responses will be selected at one click.

Acknowledge deleting chosen responses you confirm the action - we will permanently delete your answers.

Get to know more about:

✉️ If you encounter any issues with analyzing or have some feedback to share, reach out to us at or chat with us 👉

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