How to send survey answers to Feedback Hub

How to connect Survicate source, passing survey answers to Feedback Hub

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As you get a lot of feedback in your Survicate surveys, it's a great idea to store them in one place to organize them better. With Survicate Source in Feedback Hub, you can:

  • Store your Survicate survey feedback and organize them with tags;

  • Create notes from responses from your analysis;

  • Use automation rules to automatically highlight and prioritize feedback;

  • Store all insights collected from multiple sources in one place to make sure no feedback is gone unnoticed.

How to connect a survey to Feedback Hub?

Step 1. Go to the Connect tab of your survey, find, and pick Feedback Hub from the list of integrations.

Step 2. Connect Feedback Hub if it's not connected yet.

Move to Settings and enable the Send survey responses to Feedback Hub option.

Step 3. That's it! Now, whenever you receive a new response to your survey, you will be able to see it in Feedback Hub.

How to create notes in your Feedback Hub based on your responses?

Step 1. Head on to your survey's Analyze ➡️ Overall results tab, find the text feedback you'd like to pass to Feedback Hub and click the ⭐️ icon near the answer.

Step 2. You should see a new note created in Feedback Hub right away:

Best practices

Add Feedback Hub as Chrome Extension

Send a valuable Capterra review or particularly interesting fragment of an article to Feedback Hub with two clicks.

Use Automation rules

Automatically organize and categorize feedback, add or remove tags on notes, and delete old or irrelevant feedback.

Pass Intercom conversations as Feedback Hub notes

Import your Intercom conversations to Feedback Hub, making sure no feedback is lost in a process, or categorize feedback with the Intercom logo.

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