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Set your survey’s start date and easily check its scheduled status

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Scheduling a survey allows your team to:

  • navigate between the surveys more easily;

  • quickly learn when a survey is about to start simply by hovering the cursor over the Scheduled status;

  • organize the surveys by their status.

Survey scheduling is available on some of our plans, for Website or in-product and Mobile survey types. Visit our Pricing page to learn more.

In this article, you'll learn how to schedule a survey's start, how to decide when it should be disabled, and how to check the status and start date.

Schedule when to start your survey

After you've created your Website or in-product or Mobile survey, go to the Launch tab and look for the Survey start section. Here, you can choose to enable the survey immediately or select a custom date. Simply click on the 🗓️ icon and pick a date when you'd like the survey to be launched.

That's it! 🚀 On the selected date, the survey will appear on your website or in your mobile application and start collecting feedback.

❗️Scheduled surveys are treated as Active in the sense that they're counted into the Active surveys limit on your account.

Check when your scheduled survey starts

If you run many surveys and want your team to be able to navigate between them easily, go to the main page of your Survicate panel. Here, you can see the status of all your surveys, the enabled, the disabled, and the scheduled ones.

Additionally, when you move your cursor over a Scheduled status, you'll see when each survey will be launched.

If you'd rather your survey was set live immediately than wait for the scheduled date, simply click on the three dots in the top-right corner and choose Enable.

Schedule when to stop your survey

If you don't want to worry about disabling the survey after it's been live for a while, you can automate this part as well.

In the Launch ➡️ End date section of your Website or in-product or Mobile survey, you can choose a specific date when the survey should be disabled.

Apart from setting an end date for a survey, you can also choose to disable it after it's collected a given number of responses.


My survey was set to start today, but it's not enabled yet

A scheduled survey will become enabled at 00:00:01 AM GMT.

I can't schedule my survey

If you can't set up a survey's start date, it's possible your account doesn't have sufficient permissions or you have reached the Active surveys limit.

Best practices

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Run multilingual surveys

Try our automatic translations feature to show your respondent's surveys adjusted to their browser language and increase the response rate.

Define other filters in your Audience

Show the survey to users from a chosen visit source, visitors speaking a particular language, or using a mobile or desktop device. Learn how to achieve this here.

📞 If you have any questions or need help scheduling a survey, please contact our team at or initiate a chat conversation 👉

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