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Mobile surveys FAQ and troubleshooting
Mobile surveys FAQ and troubleshooting

Check out possible reasons for mobile surveys issues

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I have just created a mobile survey. What do I do next?

You need to make sure your survey will appear to your respondents. To show a Survicate survey in your mobile app, install our mobile SDK:

This way, we'll know in which application to show the survey.

My mobile survey does not appear in the app

Before you reach out to our support team, please ensure you have the latest version of SDK installed. Here you can see the changelog:

If updating the SDK to the newest version doesn't help, we'll be happy to help you troubleshoot.

I have made some changes to my survey, but I don't see these changes appearing - why?

There might be up to a 15-minute delay for your changes to update on the servers. If you still don't see these changes after 15 minutes, please contact us via chat or email.

I can't launch my mobile survey - why?

Depending on your subscription plan, you may have reached your limit of active surveys or don't have Mobile surveys included in your current plan.

Check out our Pricing page or reach out to us to learn more 👉

How can I see my survey again on my mobile app for testing?

Set up survey frequency in the Target section to show a survey again immediately after completing it, or use the reset() function to reset user data stored data on your device (views, traits). The reset function does not delete the answers already collected in Survicate. You can learn more about the reset() function in our documentation for developers.

Can I show my survey on two different apps?

Yes, you can create and launch mobile surveys and display them in various apps.

For this, target your surveys to ensure they will be displayed only in a particular place.

Can I launch a few surveys into one app?

Yes, you can do it. Once again, you will need to use targeting to ensure your surveys won't collide. You might want to ensure your survey won't be displayed on all screens.

Can the statistics of iOS vs. Android users' feedback be found in the Analyze tab?

You can filter the results by Operating system (Platform) in the Analyze tab:

Learn more about using filters for advanced analysis here.

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