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Run multiple mobile surveys in one app
Run multiple mobile surveys in one app

Create several targeted mobile surveys and use them in one application

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Using Survicate mobile surveys, you are not limited to only one survey per app.

You are able to run a few different surveys in your application using the targeting option. Surveys may be conditionally displayed based on particular screen names or actions taken by your users.

Read on to learn how to set it up 🚀

Create a mobile survey

In the beginning, you need to create and customize your first mobile survey. Adjust it to your needs and make sure to select all questions you want to use:

Once you create your survey, make sure to install the Survicate SDK into your application's native code. This way, your surveys will be displayed directly in your app.

If Survicate SDK isn't installed, your mobile surveys won't be displayed in your app.

Target your mobile survey

When all questions are ready, you'll need to go to the Target tab. In this tab, you can determine the unique conditions for displaying your survey and target your survey using screens and events.

In this paragraph, we'll look into the available options.


Using screens, you can target your survey based on the user's location. You can determine the particular screen/page where the survey will appear:

If you select Only certain screens option, you will be asked to provide the specific name of that screen:

Before using this function, information about entering and leaving the screen has to be initialized on the Survicate SDK installation by your developer.

Make sure to use the same screen name exactly as it is named in your application.


Events allow displaying the survey only upon a certain user's action, such as 'userPressedPurchase', while finishing the billing settings in your app.

You can use the events tracked by your mobile app and allow Survicate to display the survey under those events. For this, you need to apply the additional code to your mobile app that will specify the particular event. Here's an example:

To apply the code, please take a look at the documentation for developers.

Launch your survey

Using both the screens and events options, you can ensure your mobile survey will be displayed only in particular sections of your applications or upon certain actions.

Several surveys in your app will not collide with each other so that you will be able to collect feedback from all sections of your app!

Any questions regarding targeting your survey? Let us know at

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