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Adjust when you'd like to show your Website survey
Adjust when you'd like to show your Website survey

Show your survey at the right moment, target when your visitor is leaving the page, or when they scrolled down to a percentage of the page

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If you wish to trigger your survey at certain moments of the customer journey, you can easily set up when to show the survey to your respondents.

This article will explain the timing settings that enable your survey to be shown at the right moment to maximize the response rate.

Not done with your Website or in-product survey yet?

Go to the Target tab

To choose when the survey should appear, go to Target > Triggers > When would you like to show the survey?

You can ask for feedback:

  • When the page loads

    This option is the best for grasping the first impression or asking for a source visitor who has accessed your website.

  • When a user has been on the page for a specific period

    The best option in most cases is to make the surveys less obtrusive by letting the visitor adapt to a page and then displaying a survey. Most of our users choose around 5 second period, but some display a survey after 20-30 seconds.

    ❗️Whenever a visitor navigates to a subpage of the website, causing the URL to change, or the URL changes while browsing a Single Page Application, the timer will reset. If the survey is set to appear after 20 seconds, and the Survicate tracking code is installed on several subpages, only after having spent 20 seconds on one of them can the survey pop up.

  • On exit intent

    This option allows you to display a survey when a visitor is about to leave the page, moving the cursor toward the address bar or closing the tab. It's the best moment to ask your clients why they didn't settle payment or left a cart, for example.

    ❗️ Survicate exit-intent surveys only work on web browsers that are opened on desktop and laptop devices. When a website with an exit-intent survey is opened on a mobile device, the visitor will not see this survey at all.

    This option is available on some of our plans.

  • When a visitor has scrolled the percentage of a page

    It's the best way to check if your website was clear and provided sufficient information or to inquire about a feature or a post they just have read about.

  • When a user triggers an event

    If you'd rather show a survey after a visitor triggers an event on your website, call _sva.invokeEvent("eventName") to display the survey. To achieve this, use this code and this setting:

    Please note that event names, property names, and values are case-sensitive and should be written the same way as in your website. Event properties should be string values.
    This option is available on some of our plans.

You can additionally choose to:

  • Not show this survey if a visitor has answered other surveys in a current visit

    If you are running multiple surveys at once on your website, you might want to limit the number of surveys your visitors are seeing to avoid bothering them. When this setting is enabled, if your visitor has engaged (responded or closed) a survey on their current visit, we won't show it.

  • Close this survey when the URL changes in a Single Page Application

    If you are running your surveys on a single-page app, you can find it useful to close the survey when the URL changes. If you are triggering the survey on a particular page - you'll ensure you are collecting responses only on that page.

Best practices

Target the survey on specific URLs or show it with a delay

Choose to show your survey after someone has scrolled a part of your webpage when they're about to exit or only on some of your website's subpages. Visit our basic targeting guide to learn more about possibilities.

Define other filters in your Audience

Show the survey only to users from a chosen visit source, to visitors speaking a particular language, or using a mobile or desktop device. Learn how to achieve this here.

📞 If you have any questions or need help installing the Survicate tracking code on your website - feel free to contact our team via chat or email:

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