Targeting based on visitor frequency will let you target your survey depending on the number of times a visitor has visited your website or in-product. You can include or exclude your visitors based on their number of visits, show your survey only to a group of visitors for personal website experience.

Common use cases include:

  • Survey new visitors

  • Run some surveys only for your royal visitors

  • Survey your returning visitors

1. To set up targeting based on visit frequency, head on to Edit > Target > Audience

2. Create a New Audience, then pick Visit Frequency under the Add Filter button:

3. Here, pick whether you'd like to include or exclude the users with a specific visit count:

4. Pick the number of visits your visitor had, and click Create Audience:

💡Tip: You can also add more filters to a specific audience by clicking Add Filter.

❗️Remember! You have to enable the audience in order to display the survey properly!

📌Note: If you have two or more audiences enabled, we trigger the surveys to all enabled audiences.

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