📧 The first thing to know is that Survicate does not send email surveys to your users. Instead, you create a link survey with Survicate, but distribute it through Intercom using Intercom targeting rules.

By default, the Survicate - Intercom distribution automatically captures user's first & last name and email address information - so that you'll know who responded to your survey! You'll be able to filter survey results by these attributes, too. You can also add any attributes to your survey link that are supported by Intercom.

We also record every single answer, even if they don't complete a survey.👍

💡Tip: If you want to keep your users in-app while they answer your survey, please consider using in-app surveys.

There are two ways to distribute your survey with intercom: 

  • Embed the first question into Intercom email to boost your response rate 
  • Hide the survey link behind a CTA button. 

Here’s how to set up: 

1. Create your survey from the New survey+ button. Select Start from scratch > Send via email or link, pick Intercom as the distribution tool and name your survey

2. You'll now get to build up your survey by adding questions and applying survey logic

❗️But Remember! If you want to embed your survey in an email, first question of your survey needs to be either a single choice, a smiley scale or a Net Promoter Score. If you choose any other type of question as the first one, we will only provide you with the link to your survey. You can hide the link under the call-to-action button, or hyperlink. How to hide survey invitation and answers behind Intercom's CTA button

3. Customize the your survey page in the design tab, by adding your company logo, and changing colors. Make your surveys entirely branded as your own!  
Under settings tab, you can enable other options like multiple responses or email notifications.

4. Head over  to Share tab and click Get your survey. Then copy the HTML code.

5. Go to your Intercom email you want to use for the survey and click Import HTML email in the bottom-left corner. Confirm selection in the dialog window.

6. ❗️Replace the code with the one you've copied from your Survicate survey - you can do it by clicking on the dark area and use shortcuts CTRL+A CTRL+V

7. Enter the subject of your email in the field just above the dark code area ❗

Make sure that you’re compliant with Intercom’s rules for emails.

8. Choose your audience that will receive the survey. For example might want to send an NPS survey only to users that were using your app for longer than a month, or only to your active Customers.

9. Once you've got everything ready, set your message live, and get ready to dive into your insights.

Best Practices: 

Sync responses to Intercom as tags or attributes
You can enable Intercom integration from Settings⚙️> integrations and pass your survey responses back to Intercom user profiles

Reach your users right inside your application
Use Intercom Messenger Chat surveys to ask right questions at the right time with in-app messages. 

Automate quarterly NPS surveys with Intercom
Use Survicate <> Intercom integration to configure an automatic distribution of your NPS surveys at defined time intervals.

📞If you have any product related questions, or having a hard to while sending your Intercom Survey, please feel free to reach out to our team 👉.

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