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Custom thank you message and actions in mobile surveys
Custom thank you message and actions in mobile surveys

Show gratitude to your respondents by customizing the thank you message and using actions.

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Capturing customer insights is key to refining your strategies and delivering better experiences. One often overlooked way to do it is the thank you message in your survey.

This brief post-survey message can be a powerful marketing asset.

Why you should use the thank you message

  • A thank you message adds that personal touch, making participants feel valued and appreciated for their input. This simple gesture enhances their perception of your brand.

  • Using the Call to action feature, you can guide participants toward your desired action. Whether it's visiting your website, receiving a reward, or exploring a new product, a strategically placed call-to-action can drive further engagement.

Use the Call-to-action button

Actions allow your respondent to continue their journey with your desired content after clicking the button. In the Settings tab of the Thank you question, find the Call to action section. There, you can decide on one of the actions:


Include a CTA button in your survey, and open your URL after the respondent decides he wants to visit it. If you use the Button action, you will need to provide the URL link where your respondent will be redirected after clicking the button:

πŸš€ This way, you will be able to prepare a well-tailored thank you message and redirect your respondents to other pages.

Close button

Don't want to take your respondent away from your mobile app? Select Close button:

Your respondents will be able to see the thank you message you've written for them without any further actions.

Why is it so important to use actions?

  • Clear Guidance: A well-crafted CTA button guides respondents on what to do next after completing the survey. This clarity can prevent confusion and encourage participants to follow through with the desired action;

  • Lead Generation: By redirecting respondents to a landing page where they can sign up for newsletters, webinars, or other offerings, you can generate leads and expand your audience;

  • Product or Service Exploration: If your survey is related to your products or services, CTA can direct respondents to relevant product pages, encouraging them to explore and potentially make purchases.

  • Community Building: Redirecting participants to online communities or forums can encourage interaction and networking among respondents who share similar interests.

Customize your message

If you need to share more details with your respondent, you can add an introduction to your Thank you message that will be displayed over the main message:

You can also customize the button label if you want to type something unique:

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