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Use Bold, Italics, Hyperlinks, and Line breaks in your survey questions
Use Bold, Italics, Hyperlinks, and Line breaks in your survey questions

Learn how to easily make your survey's text bold or italic and how to add a link or a line break

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With the text styling feature, you can:

  • emphasize keywords in your survey questions by making them bold;

  • make certain words italic, to distinguish the name of your product or an event from the rest of the text;

  • hyperlink any URL so that your respondents can visit your website or read more about the subject of your survey;

  • use line breaks to make your questions easier to read.

In this article, you'll learn how to use these features while creating Email or Shareable link, Website or in-product surveys, or Mobile surveys.

πŸ’‘This feature is available for the question's text and your question's introduction. It's not possible to apply it to answer options.

Create a new survey

If you haven't started creating a survey yet, go to the main dashboard and click on the Create new survey button. Select the survey type you need and follow this article to create your survey, and enable the settings you need.

Choose a template or create a survey from scratch and add questions via the Add new question or Add question from library button and choose the right question type from the list.

How to make your text bold

  • In your question's body or introduction, highlight a part of the text you want to make bold and click on the B icon:

  • On the right-hand side of the Create tab, preview how your question will look like to respondents:

πŸ’‘ The question field in Website or in-product surveys is designed to be bolded by default. You can additionally make parts of Introductions in this survey type bold.

How to make your text italic

  • While editing your question, highlight the text you wish to make italic and choose the I icon:

  • Preview the question's style for desktop and mobile devices before sending out your survey:

How to hyperlink your text

  • Choose if you want to hyperlink the whole question or just a part and click on the πŸ”— icon:

  • After you type your URL, click Enter to save it.

  • From the preview, you can not only see how this text will look to respondents, you can actually click on it to be taken to your given URL:

How to add line breaks to your text

  • To split your question into several lines, mark a place in the text and press Enter on your keyboard:

  • See if the line breaks in the chosen places work for your survey by seeing how it will appear to respondents:

Best practices

Add the bold, italic, and hyperlink options to the same text simultaneously

If you want your question's text or introduction to really stand out, feel free to mix the text style features.

Your question can be bold, italic, and hyperlinked at the same time:

πŸ”§ If your text isn't bold after enabling more than one styling option, please enable the last setting after making the text italic or hyperlinking it.

Add more HTML modifications

To change the text size, create a list in your survey and many more, use the HTML tags in your questions' text and introductions.

πŸ“ž If you have any questions about editing your question's text - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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