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Who can access your survey's results
Who can access your survey's results

Learn about our security measures and who has access to the results of your surveys

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If you're creating a survey and you're wondering about the security of the collected responses, check out this article.

Who can have access to the survey results?

Respondents' answers are stored in the Survicate database. The databases are available to some of the developers employed at Survicate.

However, these are not direct accesses. Access to particular data would require additional technical means.

Another aspect is the access to your survey results from the system level by Survicate employees providing support.

Customer Support team may access the data collected in the customer's account, however, after obtaining the customer's consent.

Also, please note that our tool is based on the AWS infrastructure (servers in Ireland). The formal contractor of Survicate is Amazon Web Services EMEA SARL.

Learn more

πŸš€ Check the Legal & Security section to learn about Survicate's Application security, Infrastructure security, and what makes us GDPR compliant.

πŸ’¬ If you encounter any security-related issues, such as phishing, please reach out to us at For other inquiries, please contact our team at, or strike up a chat conversation πŸ‘‰.


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