Under the Frequency tab, you can pick how often you'd like your survey to appear, set up recurrency based on your users' interactions with your survey.

To adjust these settings, head on to Target > Frequency

You can decide how often your survey will be displayed to specific visitors based on if they answered your survey, or didn't.

Show the survey again, but during the next visit to the website: The visitor will see the survey once when the targeting conditions match. If your visitor moves on to another page without closing or responding to the survey, it will disappear, and only appear when the user enters your website again.

Continue showing the survey until the user responds or closes it: Visitor will see the survey when the targeting conditions match, once they move on to another page the survey will be visible again until the visitor responds to the survey, or closes the survey.

Never show the survey again: Visitor will see the survey once when the targeting conditions match, if they move to another page, respond or close the survey, they will not see it again.

If your visitor has responded to the survey, you can either choose to never show the survey again, or set up a recurring survey condition to let your visitor be able to retake the same survey at specific frequencies; instantly, daily, monthly, weekly, or quarterly.

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