Survicate enables running a single website survey on a recurring basis. The respondents will be able to retake the same survey at a specific frequency, and you'll be able to gather data over time. The feature is particularly useful when running NPS/CSAT surveys.

This feature can be of use in various processes and research projects such as:

  • running recurring NPS & CSAT surveys to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty overtime
  • collecting continuous website feedback for website-led growth
  • tracking the overall user's sentiment
  • understanding how the market changes the perception of your brand

ℹ️This feature is available from professional plan and higher. If you are interested in testing recurring website surveys feature, drop us a line at

How to set it up?

1. When creating or editing a survey, head over to the Settings tab. Click on 'How often should this survey be displayed?'.

2. Tick the box 'Let the user take the survey multiple times on recurring basis:'
3. Specify the frequency at which the user should be able to retake the survey

4. Save the changes. Once done, the user will be able to take the survey either every day, week, month, quarter or right after their response.

🚀 Armed with this knowledge, how about you try and set up your first recurring website survey? You'll be amazed at how useful your survey insights can be!

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