Recurring website surveys
Measure your feedback over time. Learn how to run a single survey on your website on a recurring basis so your audience can retake it.
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With recurring website surveys, you can:

  • allow the respondents to retake the same survey at a specific frequency;

  • run recurring NPS® & CSAT surveys to measure customer satisfaction and loyalty over time;

  • collect continuous website feedback for website-led growth;

  • track the overall user sentiment;

  • understanding how the perception of your brand changes.

In this article, you'll learn how to display a survey periodically to the same audience. You can launch your survey day, week, month, quarter or right after it is answered or closed.

📌 This feature is available on some of the plans. If you are interested in testing the recurring website surveys feature, drop us a line at or talk to us on chat.

Step 1. Create a website survey

1. Create a new survey and choose the Website or in-product surveys type from the menu. You can either set up a survey of your own (start from scratch) or select a survey from our templates library (start from template).

Step 2. Enable a recurring survey

1. Head over to the Target > Frequency tab:

2. Under the condition If the user has responded or closed the survey, check the box Let the user take the survey multiple times on a recurring basis:

3. Specify the frequency at which the user should be able to retake the survey.

💡 The changes save automatically! Once the frequency is set, the user can take the survey every day, week, month, quarter, or right after their response (instantly).


I can see the survey more often than the set frequency

If you enter the website where the survey is shown from another device or another browser, the survey will be displayed as if you were a new visitor.

Best practices

Make sure only a defined group of visitors see your survey

Define your survey audience to make sure that only visitors with specific attributes, devices, or visit frequency can respond.

Target the survey on specific URLs or show it with a delay

Choose to show your survey after someone has scrolled a part of your webpage when they're about to exit, or only on some of your website's subpages. Visit our targeting basic guide to learn how to achieve this.

Check out our video to quickly learn how to create a Website or in-product survey:

📞 If you need assistance setting up a recurring website survey, please contact us at or strike up a chat conversation.

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