Recurring mobile surveys

Make sure your survey will be displayed periodically.

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Launching your survey periodically in your mobile app to the same respondents allows you to:

  • Regularly identify areas to improve,

  • Instantly react to your user needs,

  • See the issues that may not become apparent in a one-time survey but may emerge over time.

How to create a recurring survey

As always, start by creating a Mobile app survey. Once you have added all the questions you need, go to the Target tab. Next, scroll to the bottom of the page, where you will see the Frequency section:

If you want to allow your customers to complete the survey multiple times, select the option Let the user take the survey multiple times on a recurring basis and specify the frequency at which the user should be able to retake the survey.

You need to determine how often you want your survey to be shown. It can be displayed every few days, weeks, months, or years.

Alternatively, you can set your survey to be shown immediately after the previous survey completion:

Optionally, you can also decide after how long the survey should stop reappearing:


What happens if my survey gets paused or disabled?

Your survey and Frequency settings will remain intact. Once you unpause/enable your survey, it will be shown to all respondents meeting the criteria.

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