With Survicate, you can create surveys in any language and display them to relevant visitors.

In order to show the survey to the speakers of your language of choice, you will need to create a new segment of visitors.

1. Navigate to the Edit > Target > Audience section of your survey

2. Click New Audience button, give your audience a name and click Create Audience

3. Let's assume we want to target Spanish speakers (based on their browser language): click Add filter Language

4. Start typing the name of the language in the search bar → Survicate will immediately prompt you the language you are looking for:

5. Click on the language to add it.

💡Tip: You can also add multiple languages at once – just keep adding languages to the list. In case you make a mistake and need to delete a language, hover over the language and click the X button.

You can also exclude some users based on their browser language. By default, the surveys show to users with any browser language – if the "include" condition isn't specified – so if you, for example, have support available in virtually any world language but Russian, you might want to exclude users with Russian as their browser language:

❗️Remember! You have to enable the segment to display the survey properly! Also, disable all segments which exclude each other.

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