The Settings tab allows you to make use of the finer options. You can switch on multiple responses from the same browser or enable email notifications.

  • You can schedule your survey to go live on a certain date or stop after you've collected a given number of responses:
  • Under survey distribution, you change your provider at any time in just one click:
  • Use the checkbox below if you'd like a survey to be taken multiple times by a single respondent from the same browser. Once disabled, if someone tries to re-take the survey, they'll see the following message: "You have already responded to this survey.”

💡Tip: You might run into the "You have already responded this survey" notification when testing your survey. You're encouraged to test out surveys in the incognito mode. Make sure to close the incognito window every time you submit a new response.

  • If you are more of an email person, you can enable email notifications (sent after every response in real-time). You can get these sent out to any email addresses you like. You can find more information about setting up email notifications here: Email notifications

ℹ️It's possible to enable daily/weekly/monthly email survey reports. Check out this article to learn more: Email Reports 

  • You can also send responses to Feedback Hub. It's a stand-alone Survicate product that helps you organize and analyze feedback received from different sources (more information here). Here’s how to enable it:

Just click on Feedback Hub in the upper left corner of your panel:

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