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Connect Survicate’s survey responses with Smartlook’s web sessions

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Smartlook is an analytics tool that lets you track user behavior on your website or web app. With this integration, you can send survey responses as custom events to Smartlook. Meaning, you can link user feedback with user behavior to understand the 'why' behind your users' actions.

🚀 Popular use cases include:

  • Discovering which elements of your website can be improved;

  • Finding out what's causing visitors to feel the way they do about your brand or website;

  • Organizing what you know about your audience to improve targeting.

In this article, you'll learn how to connect the Survicate + Smartlook integration and see Survicate events in Smartlook sessions.

📌 Please note that this integration is available for Website or in-product surveys. It is available for Single-choice, Multiple-choice, Text-answer, NPS®, Dropdown list, Smiley scale, Rating scale and Date questions, as well as for a Welcome message, Thank you screen, and a Contact Form.

Step 1. Create a survey

To collect feedback and send it to Smartlook, you should first create a Website or in-product survey in your Survicate Panel and have a Smartlook account.

1. Create a new Website or in-product survey. You can either set up a survey of your own (start from scratch), select a survey from our templates library (start from template), create a survey with AI, or import questions you prepared before:

2. Add your questions, choose your design, or use survey logic. You can change the placement of the survey on the webpage and modify your survey messages.

Step 2. Connect the integration

Before you proceed, make sure you have Survicate's and Smartlook's snippets installed on your website where the survey will be displayed.

1️⃣ Log in to your Survicate account, head over to SettingsIntegrations in the upper left corner, find Smartlook on the list and click Connect.


2️⃣ Navigate to the Connect tab of your Website or in-product survey builder, find and click on Smartlook.

and click Connect on the next page.

📌 By default, we'll send all survey responses to Smartlook as events.

Step 3. Watch Smartlook sessions with Survicate events

1. Once the respondent answers the survey, you will start receiving Survicate's custom session events in Smartlook.

2. You can view survey responses when watching session recordings on the side of the screen and on the timeline.

3. You can also filter Smartlook's sessions by the survicate.questionAnswered event. When you click the Filter button in the custom session event, you will see the list of all sessions where the visitor answered your surveys.

💡The event contains such properties as:

  • answer content

  • text of the question

  • ID of the response

  • ID of the survey

  • name of the survey

Best practices

Set up your website survey's Audience and Triggers

From your Survicate Panel, you can choose who and how often will see your survey, as well as decide on what URLs and when it should appear.

Here you can see our articles with step-by-step instructions on how to take advantage of all of Survicate's targeting options for website surveys.

Run exit-intent surveys to understand the bounce rate

Learn here how to trigger surveys when your visitors are about to leave the page and find out why your potential customers are not converting.

Run multilingual surveys

Try our automatic translations feature to show your respondent's surveys adjusted to their browser language and increase the response rate.

📞 If you have any questions about setting up the Smartlook integration - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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