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Watch session recordings associated with the corresponding survey responses.

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You can use Survicate and LiveSession integration to:

  • Watch session recordings associated with the corresponding survey responses;

  • Move to LiveSession recording directly from the Analyze panel after the new reply was submitted;

  • Send surveys and survey responses to LiveSession as properties and use them to filter session recordings;

  • See for yourself what the user experienced and troubleshoot their issues.

πŸ“Œ LiveSession integration is currently supported only for website/in-product surveys. If you'd like to use this integration with other survey types, drop us a message via live chat. We'd love to hear more about your use case!

How to install the integration

1. Make sure you've installed Survicate and LiveSession snippets on your website.
To install the integration, add the below code to your website before the closing.

</body> tag:

<script type="text/javascript">

__ls("getSessionURL", function (url, isNewSession) {

(function (w) {

function setAttributes() {


sessionURL: url,



if (w._sva) {


} else {

w.addEventListener("SurvicateReady", setAttributes);





2. When you get a new website survey response, go to the respondent's profile in Survicate. Find your survey from the main dashboard, click on Analyze, and select the Individual responses icon.

2. A link to the session recording will be stored in the right panel:

Filter sessions by custom properties from Survicate

Session recordings are generated when you get a new survey response. They come with a few custom properties. You can use them as filters to find specific sessions faster.

Here are all of the available custom properties:

1. Click Add filter -> Custom property is...

2. Select the first text field and choose your filter. LiveSession filters Survicate surveys by their ID:

3. Search for the property you need:

4. Click the Apply filters button. That's it - you should now have a list of all sessions related to a specific survey.

Best Practices

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πŸ“ž If you have any questions about setting up LiveSession integration - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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