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Link your Glassbox sessions with your survey responses and replay your visitors' experience on your website

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You can use Survicate and Glassbox integration allows you to add Glassbox sessions with Survicate responses.

Data appears in our data reports with the URL of the exact session when the survey was submitted, allowing you to replay their experience on your website.

  • Associate survey responses with session recordings, so you can view what your customer was doing at the moment and just before survey completion,

  • Get a deeper understanding of your respondent’s answer,

  • Discover how they experience your site and uncover the why behind negative feedback.

Enable the Glassbox integration

Before you proceed, make sure you have Survicate's and Glassbox's snippets installed on your website.

1. To enable Glassbox integration, go to the Connect tab of your survey, find, and pick Glassbox from the list of integration

2. Click the Connect button to set up the authorization:

How to use the integration

2. Make sure the survey has at least one open-ended (text) question if you'd like to jump right into Glassbox recording from Survicate.

3. Once you get a new survey response, go to Survey Results in Survicate.

4. Find the relevant text response and select View Glassbox Session to watch the recording:

📌 You can also find the recording URL of every specific response in the results Export in the Glassbox URL column.

Best Practices

Embed surveys to your email

Create a link or email survey to send it right in your email or pass the direct link to your respondents.

Run exit-intent surveys to understand the bounce rate

Learn here how to trigger surveys when your visitors are about to leave the page and find out why your potential customers are not converting.

📞 If you have any questions on setting up Glassbox integration - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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