Whether you are designing a website from scratch, or just want to improve website conversion for your business, surveys can be useful for collecting feedback and answer questions above quantitative data. By gathering insights directly from your visitors, you can provide a fail-proof website experience.

In this article, we'll go through the common use cases and tips from the Team for the best website optimization survey!

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Table of Contents:

1. Understand high bounce rate with exit intent surveys

2. Evaluate website usability for the best site experience

3. Enhance your website redesign with A/B testing surveys

Understand high bounce rate with exit intent surveys

High bounce rates can be overwhelming, especially since it has a correlation with low sales. And what's more - traditional analytic tools like Google Analytics or heatmap tools can give you information about where this visitor been, and which buttons they clicked - but most of the time it's quite exhausting (and guesswork, if you ask me) to understand what was the exact reason your potential customer left, for instance, your shopping cart at the very last step of the checkout.

By running exit intent surveys on pages with a high bounce rate, you can uncover the reason why your visitors are not converting - and fix it to improve conversion.

Evaluate website usability for the best site experience

Is it hard to find the information users are looking for on your website?

Is there anything confusing or difficult on your pages driving the visitors away?

Is the navigation easy and intuitive?

These are only a few questions, you might be having for your website usability and experience. You can use our template library for the website useability survey ideas, so you will be ready to collect your insights within seconds.

We advise you to run website optimization surveys directly on your website; on the most relevant pages, or based on user behavior on your site. For example, if you’re an e-commerce business, you can target your survey whenever your visitor is browsing through product categories. This will help you identify the feedback for ease of navigation and finalizing the purchase.

Remember to run your website evaluation surveys regularly, and use the insights from visitors’ to boost website enjoyability and usability over time.

Enhance your website redesign with A/B testing surveys

One way is by ensuring a flawless user experience on your website is by making sure the website design is both user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. Website A/B/X testing could be beneficial in this process because it lets you show different instances of your website to different groups of visitors. So, by running website satisfaction surveys on these different instances, you can easily find out which of the design is more appealing and doing better overall.

To step up your A/B testing, you can also use software like Optimizely, and use our native integration with Optimizely for the best A/B testing experiment.

Good website redesign survey will give you insights on what needs to be integrated into the website to boost customer satisfaction, whether your website is appealing to your visitors. And above all, it lets you understand the general sentiment surrounding your product, resulting from the way you present yourself on the website.

💡 Our tips for the best website optimization survey

  • Make sure the design of the survey widget is appealing and easily noticeable on the page. No one will answer a survey if they can’t see it.

  • Use targeting to adjust the message to the context. Example: don’t ask a question ‘How would you rate your overall experience?’ right after a person enters your website. Trigger this question when a person is about to leave the website after browsing at least a few pages.

  • Our general tip for every survey - ask the right questions at the right moment. This will ensure that your visitors will participate in your survey (higher response rate) and share their thoughts.

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