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Run exit-intent surveys to understand bounce rate
Run exit-intent surveys to understand bounce rate

Trigger surveys when your visitor is about to leave the page, and find out why your potential customers are not converting

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Website exit-intent surveys appear when a user is about to leave the page on a website or web application.

πŸ’‘ Survicate exit-intent surveys only work on web browsers that are opened on desktop and laptop devices. When a website with an exit-intent survey is opened on a mobile or tablet device, the visitor will not see this survey at all.

If you'd like to show a similar website survey to visitors using mobile devices, you can create a new website survey, set up the Audience to only include mobile devices, and use JavaScript API to show it when the visitor triggers a certain action upon which you want to show an exit-intent survey, such as being inactive for a while or scrolling towards the address bar.

With exit-intent surveys, you can:

  • Collect insights to understand bounce and exit rates on your pages;

  • Understand shopping cart abandonment;

  • Improve website conversion;

  • Gather contact information and improve lead conversion.

πŸ”§ We trigger the survey when a person moves the cursor above a certain line (it’s 20px below the top of the page) or based on mouse movements – when a person moves the mouse quickly to the top of the page, they are usually about to exit.

In this article, you'll learn how to set up your survey to appear when a visitor is about to leave the page and what questions you can ask to understand why your visitors are leaving your website.

πŸ“Œ Running exit-intent surveys is available on some of our plans. Check out the pricing page for detailed information about the subscriptions.

Step 1. Create a website survey

1. Create a new survey and choose the Website or in-product surveys type from the menu. You can either set up a survey of your own, select a survey from our templates library or create a survey with AI.

2. Customize your widget style and colors in the Create tab, and make your survey entirely branded as your own! You can change the placement of the survey on the page and modify your survey messages.

Step 2. Set up the survey to trigger on exit intent

1. Head over to the Target > Triggers tab. Under the option, When would you like to show the survey? pick When the user is about to exit.

2. You can set up the audience to target your survey to a specific group of website visitors or trigger your survey only on certain pages with a high bounce rate - such as your pricing page or shopping cart!

3. Once you are ready with your survey, start it from the Launch tab, and get ready to dive into your insights.


I don't see the survey even though I am about to leave the webpage

If you can't see the website survey and you've seen it before, try using incognito mode or changing the viewing frequency of the survey.

Also, please make sure your browser version is supported by Survicate.

Best Practices

Ask the right questions to understand why your respondents are leaving your website

Feel free to use one of our survey templates to understand why visitors are not staying on your website, or use survey logic to ask follow-up questions.

πŸ“ž If you have any questions about showing exit-intent surveys - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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