Setting up A/B/X testing in Survicate consists of two steps.
First, you need to generate cookies that will be randomly assigned to visitors of your website.
Then use those cookies to target different variants of surveys.

📌Advanced targeting is available from the professional plan. If you are interested in testing this feature, contact sales, or reach out to our team from live chat. We can set up a 1-1 call to guide you through the steps of setting up your A/B/X testing surveys.

❗️Please note that A/B testing is possible only for Website Surveys

Step 1: Generate cookies in Survicate

We will generate one cookie with numerous values depending on how many variants you’d like to test. This creates completely randomly picked segments of visitors for your A/B/X test.

1. Go to Settings > Integrations and look for A/B Testing

2. Click Connect to active the A/B Testing feature

3. Once activated, under Settings, you will see a menu where you can generate cookies. Write the name of your cookie and choose how many values you want to create for this cookie.

For example:

1 - 2 is an A/B test. We will generate a cookie with value 1 and with value 2, so your audience will be randomly split into 2 groups.

1 - 4 is an A/B/C/D test, your audience will be split into groups of 25% of visitors each.

4. Click Save, the cookie generation and assignment will be enabled and we’ll start splitting your audience.

💡 You can add another cookie to run several A/B/X tests at once

1. Create as many surveys as cookie values you’ve picked. For example, if you've picked 2 cookie values 1-2 , you will need to create 2 surveys.

2. Go to the Target > Audience tab of the survey, and create a new audience.

3. Click Add filter and pick Cookie as the filter.

4. Here, you need to input the name of the cookie and its value. We are first creating the survey for our custom_cookie_AB with the value 1. When you are ready, click create audience.

But remember, you have to enable the audience in order to display the survey properly!

5. Now, head on to the next survey you've created. Follow steps 2 and 3. This time, we will be creating the audience for our custom_cookie_AB with the value 2.

6. Once you are ready, create and enable your audience.

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