The integration with Optimizely allows you to target Survicate surveys to appear on specific variants of your experiments. As a result, you know what visitors think about each of the variants and how to improve them. 

How to integrate with Optimizely?

Go to Integrations, pick Optimizely from the list, and enable integration using the button.

If you want to show certain surveys on specific variations, you’ll need to provide Survicate with Optimizely Experiment ID and Variation name.

Where to find them?
Log in to your Optimizely account, choose the experiment where you want to run surveys, and open it in the editor. The experiment ID will appear in the URL, as shown on the picture below.

Variation name is visible on a tab (also highlighted), within the experiment editor. Just remember that when you use generic names of variations, the name of a variation is for example ‘Variation #1’, not just ‘#1’.

When you have the ID and variation name, you’re ready to set website surveys to appear on them.

Running surveys on your experiments

To run a survey on a specific experiment go to Survey Settings > Who should see your survey? and create a new segment. 

With Optimizely integration enabled, you have additional options available when creating a visitor segment. Fill out Experiment ID and Variation name in Optimizely section, and you will survey only those visitors that have seen a given experiment variation. Here’s how to set it up:

If you want to test several variations of your page, you should create one survey and segment per experiment. This way you will be able to install another survey on each of the versions and compare feedback.
That’s all; now you’re ready to launch a survey and gather feedback on your experiments!

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