FullStory integration

Survicate and FullStory join forces to help you understand the why behind user feedback and actions. By integrating Survicate with FullStory, you'll uncover what happens before, during and after a visitor leaves you feedback. 

With the FullStory integration, you'll seamlessly associate survey-based feedback with digital experience analytics (session recordings).  By discovering context to customer feedback, you'll find areas of improvements and double down on what works well.

As soon as you enable integration you will see a link to the session during which the survey was submitted near every text response and comment, as well as get this link in the CSV/XLS export.

Check out our demonstration video:

1. A user browses a webpage looking for the pricing section

2. They’re unable to find it and exit the page

3. They share their issue by answering an exit-intent survey

4. By being able to tie customer feedback back to the recording, you can identify issues and fix them

How to enable the integration?

  1. To set the integration up, go to the Settings⚙️> Integrations section and pick Fullstory from the list, click view
  1. Then click Enable to enable the integration.
  2. That’s it, now you can view session of your respondent at the moment of answering a question.

Click on three dots icon near a text answer in analysis and View FullStory session

You can go to the Export and download the file as well. Every link will be assigned to specific response

💬 If you need our assistance with setting up the Fullstory integration, please reach out to us at support@survicate.com.

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