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Question types in mobile surveys

See which questions you can use in your mobile surveys

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Each survey type allows for certain question types. You are free to use any of the questions below in your custom order to ensure the most personalized feedback.

Add NPSยฎ or CSAT score questions, ask for text feedback, collect your respondent's custom data, and create custom welcome/thank you messages.

Welcome message

Give visitors the possibility to opt in or out. Ask them whether they'd like to take a survey. Please note that if the user takes action on the welcome screen, we will count this as a response towards your limit, even if he won't answer the remaining questions.
You can customize this screen by adding an introduction, an image, or editing the button label.

Single answer selection

Ask a simple yes or no question, or have respondents pick one item from the list. Respondents will only be able to select a single response.

Multiple answer selection

Respondents will be able to select multiple items from the list of options. You can randomize answers, add an optional or mandatory comment box, or limit the number of options the user can choose. This question is mandatory by default.

Text answer

Get respondents to provide an open-ended reply (text answer). It's a great way to collect more information about your score in NPS, smiley, or rating scale questions.

Smiley scale

Let your customers express how happy they are on a 3 or 5-point scale using emojis. Please note that the final design of emojis depends on your respondents' operating systems. You can adjust the text on the very left and right to add customized messages or translate it to run surveys in different languages.

It's not possible to adjust the smiley faces. If you'd like to customize the emojis, you can use single-choice answer questions and paste the emojis in the relevant fields. This question is mandatory by default.

Rating scale

Measure customer satisfaction on a 2 to 10-point scale. You can choose from stars, numerical, or text scales. It's possible to enable the submit button and change the text on the left and right. This question is mandatory by default.


Measure brand loyalty by asking how likely your customers are to recommend your company to a friend or colleague. This is a standardized way to measure customers' loyalty. Therefore, it's impossible to adjust the number of points on this scale. If you need to measure your customers' loyalty on a different scale, please use a smiley or rating question instead.

You can adjust the text on the very left and right to add customized messages or translate it to run surveys in different languages.ย This question is mandatory by default.

Contact form

Collect additional information from users/visitors such as full name, email, organization, department, job title, phone, website, country, address, city, state, zip, fax, annual revenue, employees, and comment. Create new leads/contacts in your software based on the form submission.

You can choose if the question or some of the fields are mandatory.

If you want to receive permission to process sensitive data, you can enable the Consent checkbox - it will be mandatory by default. Show disclaimer to provide your respondents with more information about who is processing their data.

Date question

Get respondents to provide a date when answering the survey. It can be useful when asking for their birthday or to set up a meeting on the day that fits them best.

Thank you screens & CTA buttons

Direct your respondent to your custom thank you message and set up a different call to action depending on how you'd like to finalize your survey.

Here are the available actions for mobile surveys:

Close button: Your respondents will see the thank you message you've written for them without any further actions;

Button: Include a CTA button in your survey, and open your URL after the respondent decides he wants to visit it.

Please note that the custom Thank you screen and Thank you screen actions are available on some of the plans. You can see our current pricing here. If you are interested in testing this feature, drop us an email at or strike up a chat conversation.

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