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How to make questions mandatory?
How to make questions mandatory?
Make sure your respondents are not skipping any questions - make your questions required
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Some question types are mandatory by default, so it's not possible for respondents to skip them.

The following questions are required:

  • Single answer selection

  • Multiple answer selection

  • NPS (Net Promoter Score)

  • Smiley Scale

  • Survey Invitation

  • Rating question

  • Matrix question

The following question types have the requirement selectable (can be made non-mandatory):

  • Text Answer question

  • Contact form question

  • Date question

  • Dropdown list question

Text answer, Date and Dropdown questions

To make text, date, or dropdown questions mandatory, go to the settings of the question and enable the answer required option:

Contact form question

To make a contact form question required, click on the ⭐ star icon next to the field you'd like to make required:

💡 When a Consent checkbox is added to a Contact form question, it becomes mandatory.

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