Survicate automatically calculates your NPS in the Analyze Results section of your survey. You can find the percentage and number of responses for all three groups and your overall score:

Here is how it's calculated:

To calculate the Net Promoter Score, simply subtract the percentage of Promoters from the percentage of Detractors.

For instance, if 70% of respondents gave a score of 9 or 10, and 10% gave a score between 1 to 6, the result would be (70% - 10%) x 100 = 60. To get 60 NPS is a perfect indicator since most customers are Promoters.

❗️ It's a common misperception that passives don't have any effect on the NPS results, however since the overall score is calculated using the percentage, passives do influence the total number of results, hence the percentage of the calculation.

What is a satisfactory NPS score? 🤔

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