Which languages do Survicate surveys support?

Survicate surveys are very flexible in terms of which language they support - you can create your survey in any language simply by typing in the survey question text and survey responses in your desired language. You can additionally change the translations for default survey messages such as survey compilation or survey unavailable to get your survey to fit your desired language. This way you can create surveys for any left to right (LTR) language without a hassle.

For right to left (RTL) languages, it is possible to change the direction of the text using our Custom CSS feature for some of the survey types. If you are looking to run your survey in a RTL language, please get in touch with our support team to learn more from the live chat in the bottom-right corner 👉

Is it possible to create a survey in multiple languages at the same time?

At the moment it's not possible to create a single survey in multiple languages. Therefore if you'd like to run surveys on multiple languages at the same time, you would need to create those surveys separately (one survey per language). If you are using our website, web app, or mobile surveys, you can target them based on the browser language or device language.
Please let us know if this is something you'd like to see in the future! Get in touch with us from the live chat 👉

Does Survicate offer automated translation for surveys?

We don't offer automated translation for surveys, but you are free to change the translation of your survey by yourselves! Survey messages such as "You've already responded to this survey" or "This survey is unavailable" could also be changed in the settings tab of your survey giving you full flexibility over your surveys' language.

📌Please note that while the surveys support various languages, our user interface is only supported in English.

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