Survicate now lets you use rating questions with five different looks and compare overall Satisfaction results in the selected time frame. Read our article and learn about:

Customize your rating questions

Rating and smiley scale questions automatically count the overall customer satisfaction score from your product or services. You can adjust the design and question scale to fit your brand and research purpose.

πŸ‘ You can use 2 - 10 point scales in rating questions presented by hearts, thumbs, stars icons, or numerical values. If you need more personalized answers, you can use adjustable text messages as a scale style.

😍 With the Smiley scale you can measure satisfaction on a 3 or 5-point scale. This type of question is available also for mobile surveys.

To get the most out of your surveys, try adding a text box as a follow-up question, so you can analyze the score thoroughly and learn what works best for your customers. With logic settings you can phrase the questions accordingly to the score you received.

πŸ’‘For more tips and best practices on how to run a CSAT survey, check out a comprehensive guide from the Survicate team.

Run an omnichannel CSAT survey

Rating & smiley scale questions are available for link, email and website surveys so that you can measure customers satisfaction through multiple channels. You'll be able to engage more respondents by letting them complete the survey in the most suitable time and way.

If you want to measure satisfaction score inside your mobile application, use the Smiley scale question, and we will provide you with a total score.

How are rating questions calculated?

Survicate automatically counts your overall score and provides you with a visual representation of it.

The formula for the total score is:

Use advanced results filtering to track your results over time and implement your users' ideas to prevent churn, improve your product and learn what you're doing best among your competitors.

To collect insight regularly, you can use the automatically recurring surveys feature. Set up your survey to be displayed daily, monthly or quarterly on your website or in your mobile app.

Ready for new ideas to improve? Start with CSAT survey right now or learn more about Customer Satisfaction from our blog post.

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