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Our Business Plan is perfect for companies with multiple teammates collecting continuous customer insights and for those who like to have a set monthly response limit.

What you'll learn in this article:

  • What are the possible response limits on the Business Plan?

  • How to adjust your plan?

  • What are the available features of the Business Plan?

Response limits

On the Business Plan, you can find various response limits, at various prices - you can choose from limits between 250 to 5000 responses.

You can pay for the subscription in USD, EUR, PLN, and GBP. Take a look at our pricing page to learn more about payments in different currencies here.

Please note that the Business Plan is available both as a monthly and a yearly subscription and signing up for the yearly plan gives you two months off.


Default features included in the Business Plan

The Business Plan is perfect for companies looking to conduct advanced research with more sophisticated features.

Multiple features

The features you'll find in the Business Plan include Microsoft Teams, Slack, Email notifications, and Survey logic.

Check out our Pricing page for the full list or talk to us on chat 👉.

10 teammates

Invite colleagues to collaborate on surveys or analyze results with your team. With this plan, your Survicate account can include up to 10 users.

30+ native integrations with marketing, product, and support tools

Sync survey responses in real-time with our native integrations to tools such as HubSpot, Intercom, and more.

Email, Shareable link, Website, In-product, Intercom Messenger, and Mobile surveys
You can create surveys for all the distribution channels to reach your contacts via email, on your website, in your application, and more.

NPS®, CSAT, CES, and more question types
Add various questions to your survey to start with a Welcome message, measure the NPS score, or ask open-ended questions.

400+ professional survey templates
Use our customizable templates to quickly create surveys and ask about Customer Experience, Marketing Feedback, or Product Feedback.

Data analysis

You can see your results in the analysis tab in both general and individual views. You can export your data in PDF/PNG format for single questions and CSV/XLSX format for the whole survey data.

AI survey analysis

Analyze your surveys' text answers with our AI feature - Topics.

Two Factor Authentication

Rest assured, your account will not be taken by third parties, thanks to the secured login process.

Feedback Button

Add a Feedback Button to your website to collect continuous feedback from visitors.

Add more features to your Business plan

The Business Plan gives access to many features listed above.

You can also customize your Business plan by choosing add-ons. Click on Calculate the price to select the features you wish to add to your subscription:

The available add-ons are:

  • Advanced exports and connectivity - that entails Data Export API, Webhooks, BigQuery integration and Google Sheets integration

  • Multilingual surveys

  • Salesforce integration

  • Single Sign On (SSO)

The pricing page lets you check the price of a subscription with various add-ons, on the monthly or yearly commitment, as well as with different monthly response limits:

If you're happy with the setup, you can click Start Free Trial to first try out the customized Business plan for 10 days for free, before deciding to upgrade.


How do you count responses?

We count responses on a per-respondent basis. When surveys consist of multiple questions, it doesn’t matter if the respondent replies to just one question or all of them. It will qualify as one response in both instances.

What if I exceed the limit of responses on my plan?

Once you hit your response limit, your surveys will stop collecting responses. You'll need to upgrade to a higher plan to keep the feedback coming, or wait until the next billing period starts to resume your surveys.

📞 If you have any questions or need assistance - feel free to reach out to our team via chat, email us at, or book a call with our Sales team.

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