Mailchimp integration allows you to send survey responses to your contacts, as list fields, notes, and tags. You can use this data for better segmentation, customizing your campaigns, and personalization of your emails. The set up is very easy and can be finished in less than 5 minutes.

How does it work?

  • List aggregated contacts- as Mailchimp keeps your contacts in lists, each survey can send data to one list only
  • Question level integration - for each survey question you can decide if you want to send responses to a chosen property or not
  • You can choose existing list fields, or create new ones without leaving Survicate
  • Responses are sent in real-time
  • You can use Survicate contact forms to create new leads in Mailchimp list of your choice

How to enable Mailchimp integration

Just go to Settings > Integrations, find Mailchimp on a list, click Authorise and provide your credentials

Adding answers as Mailchimp list fields, notes, and tags

As long as you have integration enabled you can transfer all the responses to update information about your clients. 

Go to the Survey edit > Questions to see the Mailchimp integration button on the bottom of the question setup:

Click it, tick a box Send answers to this question to MailChimp and choose a list you want to feed with Survicate data. 

Then choose types of inputs you want to get in Mailchimp (notes, tags, or list fields). 

  • Notes are not customizable and contain questions and answers.
  • Tags are applied to respondent per answer, you can apply more than one tag to each answer
  • In case of list fields you will be asked to choose a list field you want us to send data to, or create a new one - just write the name of the new attribute and press enter. You also can customize how the answer will look in Mailchimp by editing Attribute values

As soon as you set everything up, the integration is working and you're welcome to test it. 

Testing the integration

Click on Send sample data button and Go to Mailchimp profile to view newly created user with the activity recorded:

As soon as you click Go to Mailchimp profile you will be redirected to Survicate Dummy Contact. You should see Tags applied on the top of the profile, list field filled with data, and a note with information about the question, answer, and a survey you were testing.

Creating new Contacts with Survicate contact forms

To create a contact from Survicate all you need to do is create a contact form and click Mailchimp integration > Send answers to this question to Mailchimp > Create new contacts in Mailchimp and pick a list. Simple as that. 

Need any further assistance?

📞 If you have any questions about the setup, best practices, and use cases we would love to arrange a quick demo to help you get things going. 

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