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Getting started with Survicate: I've launched my first survey—what's next?
Getting started with Survicate: I've launched my first survey—what's next?
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Congratulations on launching your first survey! You've most likely already started collecting feedback from your customers. This article will cover some of the questions you might have now.

Survicate's free plan: Key information

If you're on a free plan with us, you can store up to 100 survey responses for free! Here's what you need to know:

  • The free plan is a part of the Flexible plan with unlimited seats and traffic.

  • The first 100 survey responses stored cumulatively on all active surveys are free. An active survey is one that is not archived.

  • If you approach the limit of 100 responses, you can archive some surveys to remove their responses from the limit counter. You can also delete certain survey responses, such as those you received during testing. Alternatively, you can move to a plan with the features and the number of survey responses you need.

  • The free plan has no time limit, so you can keep using it for as long as you need. But if you exceed the limit of 100 responses, your surveys will stop, and they won’t capture any more responses until you’ve archived some surveys or upgraded to a higher plan.

  • You will receive email notifications when you approach 60% and 80% of your response limit so you can take action. You’ll also receive an email when you reach 100% of your response limit.

What counts as a response?

A survey response is an individual respondent's submission to a survey, no matter if they answered all the questions or just some of them. Survicate collects and gives you access to both complete and partial survey submissions in analysis, as both can be valuable.

Once you've finished testing your survey, you'll likely want to delete the test responses so they don't skew your data.

To delete a response, go to Analyze tab -> Individual responses tab in your survey.

Please note that we count all responses toward your response limit. For example, if you have a Welcome message at the beginning of the survey, and the respondent provides an answer to this message, this response will be counted. Also, if you test your survey live, those responses are counted as well.

Integrate your survey

Integrating your survey with other apps you use daily is optional, but we recommend you connect it with one of the available tools. This will allow you to easily track new responses and update respondent profiles in your CRM (for instance, in HubSpot, Salesforce, Active Campaign, and Drip).

Integrations can help you automate processes and workflows. For example, you can create triggers based on survey responses to automate support tickets, task assignments, and personalized follow-up actions. This will save time, improve efficiency, and ensure you respond quickly to customer feedback.

Our integration with Slack allows for real-time customer feedback sharing on relevant channels, while our integration with Google Sheets allows you to export your survey responses instantly.

The tools compatible with your survey will depend on the survey type. However, the most popular tools tend to work with most surveys.

In the Integrations tab, you can find all available integrations:

Analyze your survey results

Once you've gathered your responses, it's time to dive deeper into the analysis📊

You can access the results by simply clicking on the survey in the main dashboard:

Or, open the survey and go to the Analyze tab.

In the Overall Results tab, you can track responses and check your survey stats, including the completion rate and total views.

The Individual Responses tab gives you access to the survey results on a respondent level, providing you with all the information about each response and respondent in a single view.

How do I add a new teammate to my organization?

With Survicate you have unlimited seats on your account, meaning that you can invite as many colleagues as you wish, so you can collaborate on creating the next survey and analyzing customer feedback. To invite your colleague, go to Organization settings > Teammates and select Invite teammates:

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