Survicate and Drip integration you can update subscriber profiles in Drip with survey responses. We’ll send survey replies to Drip as tags or contact fields - to any field of your choice. You’ll be able to create automated campaigns based on survey responses as well as segment your email audience more effectively. The setup is quick and easy.

The benefits

  • Create automated campaigns based on survey responses
  • Build and send more targeted, segmented emails
  • Create news leads/contacts and push them straight to Drip campaigns
  • Track and maintain customer data for full context

How does it work?

  • The integration works on a per-question basis. Upon creating each question, you get to decide whether responses should be sent to Drip as tags/contact fields or not.
  • You can flow survey responses into Drip as tags or contact fields. Choose from existing contact fields or create a new Drip contact field directly in Survicate.
  • Responses are sent to Drip in real-time. Even if a user doesn’t complete the entire survey, we’ll still send the responses they do give.
  • You can create new leads in Drip if someone fills out the Contact Form survey.
  • You can push new contacts created via surveys straight to Drip campaigns and further engage with those contacts.

How to enable Drip integration

Head over to Settings > Integrations, pick Drip from the list, provide the credentials, and click Authorize.

Creating a survey in Survicate and sending it out through Drip

1. In Survicate, click on add + New survey, pick Start from scratch and then select Email or Shareable link. Choose Drip as your channel of distribution.

2. Create your survey. If you want to embed it directly into the email's body, make sure the first question is either NPS, Single Answer Selection, or Smiley Scale.

3. Head over to Share and copy the HTML code.

4. In Drip, go to Campaigns, click on + New Campaign, choose from campaign templates, or create one from scratch. Then select Text/HTML builder. Paste the HTML code from Survicate into <> Source.

Sending responses to Drip as tags/contact fields

Once the integration is enabled, you’ll be able to flow all survey responses into Drip as tags or contact fields. By doing so, you’ll enrich subscriber profiles in Drip with invaluable survey insights.

Head over to Questions when editing a survey to see the Drip integration button at the bottom of the question setup:

Hit the Drip integration button and select Send answers to this question to Drip. You now need to select a field that we'll feed survey responses into. You can choose from existing default contact fields or create an altogether new field. Just type in the name of the property - we’ll create it for you. You can also send responses as tags - a single response can have multiple tags.

Then decide what you’d like to send responses to Drip as:

As soon as this step is completed, the integration will be fully operational. 

Testing the integration

Click on the Send sample data button and Go to Drip profile to view the newly created user along with the recorded response.

You should see any responses sent to Drip clearly on the user profile:

Creating a new contact in Drip based on Contact Form submission

Whenever someone responds to your Contact Form survey, you can create a new contact in Drip. Pick Contact Form from the list of questions, and then hit Drip Integration.

Then select Send answers to this question to Drip as well as Create new contact in Drip.

💬 Tick "Automatically add created contacts to selected Drip list" if you want to add a contact straight to any contact list of your choice.

📌If an email address already exists in Drip, we'll simply update the profile instead of creating a new contact.

Need any further assistance?

📞 We would love to arrange a quick demo to help you get the integration up and running. Let us know if you have any questions about the setup, best practices and use cases.

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