Best practices to Survicate x HubSpot Integration

Find out how to make the most out of Survicate and HubSpot coordination

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If you want to read more about HubSpot Integration in general, you can see all the materials here ⬅️. This article is a guide to best practices that can help you smooth out your processes.

Send responses to HubSpot profiles as tags or attributes

We strongly recommend combining your email survey with our Hubspot integration to boost your email campaigns! You can enable HubSpot integration in the Connect section of your survey and tag your contacts or update contact fields based on their responses to the survey, creating new contacts or notes.

Collect information about the respondents

When sending the survey via HubSpot, we'll automatically recognize the respondent's first & last name and email. You can also add any other HubSpot attributes to your survey link to add properties one by one to your responses.

Synchronize contact data from HubSpot

Pull all of the contacts' properties that you have saved in contacts' profiles in HubSpot along with survey responses by enabling Synchronize contact data from HubSpot in Integrations -> HubSpot -> Settings. HubSpot data lets you better filter responses directly in Survicate.

Send Survicate surveys via HubSpot workflows

Check out this article to see how to add Survicate surveys to your HubSpot automations and workflows, to gather customer feedback comprehensively. With this feature, you can configure an automatic distribution of your surveys at defined time intervals. Moreover, you can send your surveys, for example, when a ticket or a deal is closed in HubSpot.

Please note that in Survicate, you can filter out responses from particular time periods - you'll find instructions here. What is more, directly in HubSpot, you can see how the responses change over time. To view your previous responses, head on to the Details of the property you are sending responses to:

Here, in property history, you will be able to see their previous responses:

💡 If you’d like to send the same survey periodically, make sure to allow the survey to be taken multiple times from the same browser

Filter survey responses with HubSpot properties

If you have the Synchronize contact data from HubSpot function enabled, you can filter survey results with the contact data in the Analyze tab of your survey. Thanks to that, you can easily extract the results of particular respondent groups.

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