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ActiveCampaign x Survicate - Best Practices

See how to get the most out of ActiveCampaign using Survicate.

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In this article, you will find the best ways to use ActiveCampaign and features you might not have been aware of to help you make the most of the Survicate - ActiveCampaign connection.

Embed surveys to your ActiveCampaign

If you would like your respondents to be able to see the first survey message right into the email message, there is a way to do so.

When creating your email survey, you are able to decide whether you want to share your survey in a link or using the HTML code. In this case, you will need to use the HTML code to implement in your ActiveCampaign email campaign:

Once you add the HTML code to the email message, you should be instantly able to see the first question of your survey:

This question will also be displayed directly in your email message.

Set up ActiveCampaign integration without leaving its dashboard

Besides the traditional way of integrating Survicate and ActiveCampaign, there is also an alternative way without leaving the ActiveCampaign dashboard.

To do so, login to your ActiveCampaign account and click the 'apps' button:

There, search for Survicate and click to 'add an account.' You will be asked to allow for connecting Survicate:

All done, you have successfully connected Survicate with ActiveCampaign!

Send responses to Active Campaign contacts as tags or contact fields

If you want to keep track of your respondents' insights and be able to analyze the data directly in ActiveCampaign, you can send responses to the contact fields or tags.

First, make sure your integration is connected so the data can be sent to ActiveCampaign. Next, enter the survey you created, enter the Connect tab, and find the ActiveCampaign integration.

There you will see a dashboard with the integration features:

More on how to use the integration here.

Create a looping automation

If you would like to create periodic surveys sent to your users, you can create a looping automation in ActiveCampaign.

To do so, you need to create an automation, you are not obliged to add a starting trigger unless you want it to start under certain conditions.

Let's assume you would like to send a satisfaction survey once per month. Start by creating your email message with the implemented survey, and then add the delay:

Since our delay is one month, make sure to determine it in the panel as well:

Next, you need to add another action- go to action:

This will allow you to circle back to the chosen point of your automation, e.g. to the first email message. Drag the line to the step where you want your automation to start over:

This way ActiveCampaign will send a satisfaction survey to your clients once every month without your manual effort.

Keep in mind you can send survey responses as tags so that later on, you can easily find out and manage users that e.g. are not satisfied with your product/service.

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