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If you're just starting your journey with ActiveCampaign, check our materials collection, which you will surely find useful.

💡In this article, you can find the most commonly asked questions regarding ActiveCampaign integration.

Can I embed questions directly into the email?

Yes, you can. If you embed your HTML code directly into your email (instead of pasting the URL link), the first question will be displayed directly in your email:

Remember❗️Only the first question of your survey will be displayed in the email.

I can see fake responses to my email survey

If you're sending your survey via email, you can see irrelevant or fake responses to your survey. This is because the anti-spam filters tend to go through some of the emails you send and check the content. Such security checks can result in fake/irrelevant responses.

To prevent it, make sure to enable the Email answers confirmation feature in your survicate panel. This will keep your surveys safe from redundant replies. We have it fully described here.

Can my ActiveCampaign surveys be automated?

Yes, you can create an automated flow in ActiveCampaign, so your survey will be shipped frequently. To do so, instead of creating an email campaign, in your panel, select the 'automation' option:

There, you can build your sequence along with triggers that will automatically start your flow and keep looping it.

I've created automation in ActiveCampaign, but it is disabled

When you're creating automation in your ActiveCampaign, at the top of the page, you can see two buttons--> Active and Inactive. Make sure to click the 'active' button so your automation will be released:

Also, make sure that your survey is enabled in your Survicate panel as well. If your survey is marked as 'disabled,' it will not collect any replies. Make sure that both your survey and your automation are enabled.

If a contact already exists in Active Campaign, will the contact be created a second time, or will no new contact be created?

If you already have a certain contact in your base, but he submits the 'Contact form' in your survey, we won't be able to create an additional contact. Instead, we will update the current one, overwriting it with the most recent data.

Can I use the integration on the Survicate Free Account and Free Trial?

Feel free to connect your account with ActiveCampain and test our integration on the Free trial. However, on the free account, after the trial ends, you won't be able to use the integration.

Remember❗️On the Free Plan, you are allowed to collect up to 100 responses. Once you reach this limit, your surveys will be disabled.

Contacts are not created upon survey submission.

Please check the first thing you'll need to make sure that your Survicate and ActiveCampaign accounts are correctly connected.

Go to Integrations-->ActiveCampaign and see if apps are connected:

Next, you need to ensure that in your Contact form question, the email address field is marked as mandatory:

Does the ActiveCampaign integration create a new field or a custom object?

In fact, you decide which fields you'd like to send survey responses to in the survey's Connnect tab.

This way, you can choose which field or custom object will be created.

Remember❗️We only support certain types of ActiveCampaign fields. Please make sure that you want to send survey responses to one of these fields:

  • Text input/area;

  • Date;

  • Dropdown.

How can I collect contacts' information other than first name, last name, and email?

You can add merge tags to your survey link if you want to collect particular ActiveCampaign contact properties (other than first name, last name, and email). For instance, you would like to collect the phone number of your respondents. To do so, you need to copy the survey URL link from the Share tab and add appropriate merge tags to the URL.

Merge tags are responsible for fetching respondent data such as phone numbers. Each tool has its own merge tags, so could you make sure you're using the right one? In our case, the merge tag is phone=%PHONE%.

Once you add it, the link should look like this:

💡In such case, before releasing your survey emails, make sure your ActiveCampaign contacts base contains the information you want to appear in Survicate.

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