Automate your NPS® surveys with ActiveCampaign

Effortlessly automate your feedback gathering process using ActiveCampaign.

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NPS stands for Net Promoter Score. It is a customer satisfaction metric used to measure and assess customers' loyalty toward your company or brand. This simple but compelling question will allow you to estimate how user-friendly your service is and how you should adjust it to your customers' needs.

Using Survicate-ActiveCampaign integration, you can:

  • Allow your contacts to enter the automation through the same trigger each time they meet your trigger conditions;

  • Monitor your net promoter score over time;

  • See what you need to improve to satisfy your customers best.

Step 1. Build your survey

Create your survey and decide how you want it to be displayed- via email or a link.

Then, add your questions and let your imagination run free. You can add survey logic and customize your survey so it will reflect your vision.

Next, in the 'configure' tab, select ActiveCampaign so your responses will be identified and allow the survey to be taken multiple times from the same browser. Otherwise, your automation will not be repetitive:

Step 2. Create automation in ActiveCampaign.

On your ActiveCampaign account, enter the 'automations' section and click 'create automation'. Feel free to select any of the available templates, but you can start from scratch if you want to build up the flow yourself.

Next, you need to select a trigger that will start your flow. You are required to select a trigger, as every time this trigger will be activated, the NPS survey will be sent. You are free to choose any of the triggers, e.g., 'tag is added':

Once you select your trigger, you need to determine the tag and set it to be activated multiple times:

If you want only a particular group of contacts to be added to your automation instead of all customers on your list activating the trigger, you can use advanced segmentation and set conditions in order to be added to the campaign:

Step 3. Embed your NPS survey into the automation.

For this, you need to go back to your survicate account and copy the HTML code of the survey you created. Then, you need to go to your automation >add a structure >add an HTML block >paste your HTML code:

If you can see your NPS question displayed directly in the email, it means you have successfully added the survey code. Lastly, you need to activate your flow in the top right corner:

Step 4. Measure your Net Promoter Score.

With the ongoing automation, you will keep receiving feedback on your product/service. To see the overall NPS score or to check how it's been changing over time, you need to enter the analyze tab of your survey directly in Survicate:

Remember that you can switch to see statistics for a particular day or a whole week/month/year:


  1. How soon will I see the responses in Survicate?
    It takes only a few seconds for Survicate to fetch and display your respondent's feedback in the app.

  2. Can I use the link instead of the HTML code?
    Yes, but this way, your respondents will only see the link to your survey. The first question will not be displayed right in the email.

  3. Instead of the survey, I can only see the raw HTML code in my email.
    Make sure you have added a structure and then dragged the HTML block where you want the survey to be displayed. Only then paste your code directly into this field.

  4. How is the NPS calculated?
    To calculate the Net Promoter Score, we subtract the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. See more here.

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