Survicate has recently added new features to its packages and a common question is how much Survicate costs now. The approach that Survicate takes is to offer more for less. In other words, the team has carefully created packages that offer much more functionality at a much lower price when compared to any competitor in the survey market.

So what is the price of Survicate? Survicate starts at $0 and offers a free version. The paid versions of Survicate cost monthly $65, $129 and $289 on annual billing, and $79, $159 and $349 on monthly billing, depending on the plan purchased.

What is the Survicate free plan or the Survicate free version?

The Survicate free plan is the free version of Survicate and as the name suggests, it costs $0. The Survicate free plan is ideal for solopreneurs, small businesses, or businesses of any size who want to try Survicate before purchasing a more advanced plan.

A user can stay on the Survicate free plan for an indefinite period of time, there is no time limit, trial whatsoever. Survicate is a true ‘freemium’ survey tool, which means that the Survicate free plan is also loaded with powerful features. This leads us to the next section where the features of the Survicate free plan are described. 

Which features are included in the Survicate free plan?

The Survicate free plan has the following features:

  1. 25 survey responses every month;

  2. Unlimited users;

  3. Unlimited surveys;

  4. Unlimited number of questions in a survey;

  5. Multichannel surveys for email, websites and mobile;

  6. Native integrations with Intercom, Hubspot, ActiveCampaign and many others;

  7. Skip logic surveys;

  8. Email embeddable surveys;

  9. Response autosave;

  10. Respondent identification and enrichment;

  11. Feedback button for your website.

The full feature set of the Survicate free plan can be found on the Survicate pricing page. 

Once a company moves from the free plan, they have multiple other pricing plans to choose from in Survicate that suit more advanced requirements better. More about the Survicate pricing packages in the next paragraph.

What are the pricing plans for Survicate?  

Survicate has five plans and they are:

  1. The Free plan, which costs 0$ per month;

  2. The Essential plan, which costs $79 per month ($65 on annual billing);

  3. The Professional plan, which costs $159 a month ($129 on annual billing);

  4. The Ultimate plan, which costs $349 a month ($289 on annual billing);

  5. The Custom plan, which is priced based on a tailored quote. 

The free plan is great for starting out with surveys. The Essential plan enables exports in CSV and XLS, and Google Sheets integration. The Professional plan removes Survicate branding from Surveys and unlocks powerful integrations with Salesforce and Marketo. The Ultimate version is cost-effective for high volumes of traffic and users. It also allows you to set up webhooks and data API export, survey sampling and SAML SSO authentication. Finally, the Custom plan allows the configuration of a fully customizable feature that is tailored to each customer. 

How to get a Survicate custom plan?

To get a Survicate custom plan you can start chatting with the Survicate team through the chat icon placed at the bottom right of your screen. The team typically replies within 10 minutes and you will receive a reply to your email in case you close the chat. Alternatively, you can drop us an email at

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