With Survicate, you can create email surveys to send them via Pardot.

If you use a mailing list in Pardot to distribute your surveys, we automatically capture subscribers' first & last name and email address information - so you'll know who responded to your survey! You'll be able to filter survey results by these attributes, too. You can also add any attributes to your survey link that are supported by Pardot.

There are two ways to distribute your survey with Pardot:

Step 1. Create an email survey

Start by choosing Create new survey button. Select Email or shareable link survey, and pick whether you'd like to use a ready template or start from scratch. Build your survey by adding your questions and applying survey logic.

❗️Please remember, if you want to embed your survey into an email, the first question of your survey needs to be either a welcome message, single choice, a smiley scale, rating scale or a Net Promoter Score. If you choose any other type of question as to the first one, we will only provide you with the link to your survey.

Step 2. Design your survey experience

Customize your survey page in the Design tab by adding your company logo or changing colours. Make your surveys entirely branded as your own!

You can also enable navigation, progress bar, email answers confirmation, or modify the survey's messages in the settings.

Step 3. Configure the survey settings

Once ready with your survey, head on to the Configure tab and pick Pardot as the distribution tool under 'Identify respondents with'.

Under the Configure tab, you can also enable other options, such as multiple responses.

Step 4. Set up integrations for your email survey

Enable Pardot integration or connect any other tool you use. With this option, you can send the collected responses to your apps.

Step 5. Share your survey

Head over to the Share tab and decide how you'd like to send your survey.

  • Direct link

Grab a link to your survey from the Copy Link button, and hide it behind a CTA button or a hyperlink.

  • Launch in an email

Display your survey's first question directly in the email's body to allow starting the survey directly from the email. The respondents will then be redirected to a landing page to answer the rest of the survey.

1. Click Get your code, then copy the HTML code.

2. Go to Pardot and create a new email choosing HTML and Text option:

3. Go to the HTML view of your survey and paste the code into the email's HTML:

4. Once you've got everything ready, send your email, and get ready to dive into your insights 🚀


Error: Your message contains Handlebars merge fields. Replace them with variable tags

By default in the Share tab, we provide a link with Pardot’s Handlebars merge fields with curly brackets, for example {{Recipient.FirstName}}.

Some accounts in Pardot use another, the older format of merge tags - variable tags with %% signs instead, for example, %%first_name%%.

When using our link to the survey or HTML code to use in your email, you may see an error in Pardot’s email builder:

Your message contains Handlebars merge fields ({{Recipient.FirstName}},{{Recipient.LastName}}, {{Recipient.Email}}). Replace them with variable tags.

In this case please replace curly brackets with %% manually or upgrade your Pardot account to Handlebars Merge Language.

You can find more information at Pardot Help Center or contact Pardot Support for more info.

Best practices

Send survey responses to Pardot prospects' fields
You can enable Pardot integration and send responses to a chosen prospect's custom and default fields and generate new leads in Pardot.

Collect information about the respondents

When sending the survey via Pardot, we'll automatically recognize the respondent's first & last name and email. You can also add any other Pardot attributes to your survey link to identify the respondents with this data.

📞 If you have any questions about sending a survey via Pardot - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email: support@survicate.com

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