In the Design tab, you can customize the design of the landing page of your surveys so it's in line with your company's branding. You'll be able to tweak your survey by changing survey colors or adding your company's logo. 

You can also customize the copy of survey buttons and different survey messages. There's also a custom CSS feature available on some of the paid plans.

On the right side, you will be able to preview your survey as if you were a respondent.
If you are creating an email embedded survey, you can also switch between the page and email previews.

Design survey page theme

  • You can change the main color of your survey's page
  • Enable the progress bar to inform your users about the length of your survey.
  • Enable survey navigation to let them return to their pass responses 

❗️For your changes to take effect, don’t forget to “save your theme” before saving your survey.

Edit the text of the survey buttons and messages

You can alter the buttons and messages of your surveys under the text settings you will see at the bottom of your design tab. This will give you the flexibility to survey your users in your desired language.

Add your company's logo

❗️Please note that this feature is available only for paid plans. You can learn more about our plans here: pricing

To add your logo to your survey, Click Add company logo and upload the file from your computer.

The picture will be added at the very top of the landing page,

💡Tip: You can also embed your surveys in email with your logo:

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