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How many responses are left on my plan this month?
How many responses are left on my plan this month?
Track your survey responses usage
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You can track the survey responses usage live in the Settings under the Subscription tab. The response usage counts per organization, which means you will see the total number of survey responses collected during the current payment period for all the surveys across your workspaces.

❗️Please also note that we count all the responses for all the surveys on your account towards the survey limit, also the test ones. If you delete the responses from the survey analysis, the limit will not be reset.

If you want to know more about plans and limits, visit our pricing page or contact sales

Manage your subscription directly from the user interface

Upgrade, cancel or modify your subscription directly from your dashboard.

📞 If you have any questions or need assistance - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email:

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