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This article answers some frequently asked questions about the Intercom x Survicate integration.

How do I send survey responses to Intercom as attributes or tags?


Go to the Settings tab of Intercom integration and select Update attributes. Choose the question whose responses you want to pass to Intercom.

Check our article for further instructions. 


Move to the Settings tab of Intercom integration and select Send tags. Here, you can send user or company tags. For further instructions, please check our article.

How do I start a conversation in Intercom when I receive a new survey response?

Step 1. Open a survey whose responses should trigger a conversation.

Step 2. Move to the Settings tab of Intercom Integration.

Step 3. Select Start Intercom Conversations.

Step 4. Select the question you want to start the conversation with from the list of text questions.

Once your integration is set up, you can test it without leaving Survicate by clicking the Test Integration button.

Step 5. When your respondent submits an answer to this text question, you will see their survey response as a new message in your Intercom Inbox.

📌Note: A conversation will be initiated only when an Intercom user responds to the survey. No conversation will occur if the respondent is not in your Intercom database. You can create Intercom users or companies from contact form submission.

Can I see the Intercom profile of the respondent from Survicate?

You can jump to the respondent's Intercom user profile straight from Survicate. To view it, click the Answers section of a Text answer question and click the View Intercom profile button.

How do I create new users or companies in Intercom with survey submissions?

Step 1. To create users or companies, your survey must have a Contact form question with an E-mail or Organization field:

Step 2. In Connect tab, choose Intercom integration ➡️ Create new users or companies.

Once a new response is received, Survicate will automatically generate a new Intercom profile.

How do I filter survey results by Intercom contact data in the Analyze tab?

To filter your survey responses by your Intercom contact data, go to Survey settings ➡️ Integrations, search for Intercom, and enable the Contact data synchronization feature.

You'll be asked to confirm that you want to import the data from Intercom.

With this feature active, you'll be able to go to the Analyze tab and filter the survey answers by custom attributes defined in the Intercom profiles of your respondents:

You can scroll down in the Filter window to see all attributes from the Intercom profiles of your respondents, or you can start typing the name of the field you want to filter by.

The attributes synchronized from Intercom will also be visible when survey data is exported to a CSV or XLSX file.

Please be aware that Survicate only supports synchronization from user profiles. Additionally, if the Intercom value is listed as "unknown" we do not pass it along to our tool as it indicates an empty value.

💡Enabling the Contact data synchronization feature should be done only once for each workspace. This will allow you to filter the results of all your surveys in this workspace by Intercom data.

Will my respondents be identified?

Yes, Intercom will allow for identifying your responses and passing additional details such as email address, country, etc. To identify respondents, send an Intercom Messenger survey to your contacts via Chat or Post or an Email survey via Intercom Emails.

Can I add new attributes to a user profile?

Attributes from Intercom should automatically appear in the Analyze tab if you enable Synchronize user data from Intercom in the Integration tab.

Please note that synchronization will occur the next day as it will happen overnight based on our tool's settings.

How can I run a multilingual survey with Intercom?

It is currently not possible to create a multilingual survey for Intercom Messenger. However, you can create separate surveys in different languages.

If you plan to run an email survey via Intercom, you can create a multilingual one. Check out our article on how to create surveys in multiple languages.

Can I change the background or design of the Intercom Messenger survey?

Currently, it's not possible to change the Intercom survey Messenger design. It is dependent on the settings in Intercom. Yet, you can change certain design and styling adjustments within your Intercom account.

You can find more information on this in their guide.

📌 Please note that these modifications may be somewhat limited.

Why are my responses in Intercom anonymous?

Please remember that sending a preview email will result in anonymous responses. To thoroughly test the experience and integration, email an existing contact using the "Set live" option.


Which SDK version of the Intercom mobile app allows for sending Intercom Messenger surveys?

Intercom Messenger surveys will only work with SDK versions 5.0.4 and higher. Please make sure your SDK version is up to date.

The survey is not available in the Intercom app. What should I do?

If you see the message "There are no Survicate surveys in your account," please check the type of survey you've created. You most likely created an Email survey that can only be sent via Intercom emails. Click "Create new survey" and choose an Intercom survey from the list.

I can’t see my survey/responses in Intercom. What should I check?

Please ensure that your Survicate account is properly integrated with Intercom. It's often beneficial to reconnect the integration to determine if that resolves the issue.

Can I identify responses via chat with a link survey?

Yes, you should choose to identify respondents via Intercom Emails and paste the link with relevant merge tags into the chat.{{first_name}}&last_name={{last_name}}&email={{email}}&uid={{user_id}}

Please note that the feature will only work if you initiate a conversation.

How can I analyze the results from Email and Messenger surveys together?

Each survey has its own Analyze tab, and it's impossible to analyze two different survey types simultaneously using the Survicate panel. However, you can export the results in the XLSX/CSV formats and analyze them independently. Additionally, you can integrate your surveys with Google Sheets and analyze the data using this tool.

Can I send survey events to Intercom?

Survicate generates Intercom events for every response by default and makes them visible in the user profile activity section. We include the survey name, question, and answer in the event details. You can turn off event tracking in Intercom—more on that here.

Upon each response to your survey, we update the survicate_last_response_date event for user profiles and the company_survicate_last_response_date event for company profiles, so you can keep track of the timestamps of the survey responses and trigger automated outbound communication (emails or in-app messages) in Intercom.

Why was my CSAT survey not sent to the customer?

Intercom manages the distribution of Survicate customer satisfaction surveys, following specific rules. A survey will be sent according to the rules if a chat conversation is closed and contains 250 characters or less. You can find more information about these guidelines in this article.

What will happen if the conversation takes place through email instead of chat?

Please note that, in such cases, the Intercom Messenger survey will be sent to the customer as an app, which can be opened and answered in a separate browser tab.

📞 If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email on

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