Word-of-mouth marketing is generated solely by customer experiences. People trust experiences that they heard or read from others, and make purchase decisions. One great experience you can provide can return you hundreds of customers, increasing the revenue. Bad experiences, on the other hand, will cost you future customers. Therefore having a good customer experience process at hand, is crucial for any brand.

Referrals, on the other hand, are good experiences. Customers that promote your brand, and who are particularly happy about your service and/or product. And it should come as no surprise that having these people speak about their great experience with your brand, is the most cost-efficient and natural type of marketing you can do.

Table of Contents:

1. Asking for reviews upon a positive survey response

2. Using surveys to ask for a review

Whether you already have a stable customer feedback process at hand or not (you should start right away), you can include referrals to this process anytime. And surveys are really the best way to ask for referrals because it provides you the perfect moment and perfect person to ask for a review.

⏰ Ask your customers for referrals at the right time

💌 Ensure you are only getting the positive reviews

🤖 Automate the process to minimize human error

Asking for reviews upon a positive survey response

When your customers or users give you a high NPS or CSAT score, it's the best moment to ask them to review your brand and service, provide a testimonial, take part in a case study or similar. You can do this in various ways:

1️⃣ You can add a CTA button at the end of your survey which directs to your referral site, and use skip logic to show this button only to the customers that have given you a high score.

2️⃣ Add a page redirect at the end of your survey and redirect your customers to the page you'd like them to leave a review. Page redirect action can be found in the thank you screen settings. Again, you can use skip logic to make sure only positive feedback is getting redirected.

3️⃣ Integrate Survicate with your CRM platform and send testimonial or review emails to your happy users. You can pass your survey responses to your platform as attributes or tags, and use them to set up your triggers, it's that easy!

Using surveys to ask for a review

Other than asking for referrals right after a happy response, you can also conduct surveys only to ask your customers for reviews on different channels, such as Capterra, G2Crowd, Yelp, Amazon, Facebook...

While conducting a survey for reviews, timing is the most important factor, you need to make sure you are reaching out to the customer at the right moment of their customer journey. Because if you ask for the review at the wrong moment, you may end up with a negative review. To ensure this, we advise surveying on particular moments to elevate your customer referral marketing:

1️⃣ From returning customers: if a customer is purchasing from your brand again, it's because they were satisfied with the service or product! This is the best moment to ask them for a review, and if you realize they are particularly happy about an aspect of the product - you might even consider asking for a testimonial for your front-page.

2️⃣ From long term customers: If you have a subscription-based model, for instance, how long a customer has been with your brand is an important factor whether or not they like your brand. You can conduct a review survey to your customer that has been with you for a long time (maybe 5, 6 months, depending on your business model) you can gather great reviews and upgrade your listings.

3️⃣ They have been using your software or have been frequent visitors to your website: When you see a user spending a lot of time using your product or browsing your website, this is most likely they enjoy doing so. Again this group of people is the best to show a survey and ask for a review, if they really like your product, it's most likely that they would be willing to take a minute and leave a review.

Customer referral marketing doesn't just end with customer reviews. Testimonials and case studies on your website reviews on every other channel, all come together to create a brand perception and greatly affect purchase decisions. If you are still not getting reviews from your customers, and not using them for your marketing, you are missing the most effective promotion method you achieve with minimum effort and strengthen your word-of-mouth marketing.

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