It is now also possible to configure the integration without leaving ActiveCampaign's User Interface. This is an alternative method to the default, direct integration.

We're introducing a Survicate & ActiveCampaign native app. 🎉 Survicate is one of the first tools to be featured in ActiveCampaign native apps. Native apps are integrations that feel to ActiveCampaign users as if they were built-in, so the connection between ActiveCampaign and Survicate is seamless. With Survicate native app, you will:

  • Log in to Survicate from ActiveCampaign and connect the integration automatically

  • Access a list of Survicate surveys without leaving ActiveCampaign

  • Select which AC fields you'd like to flow survey responses into, directly in ActiveCampaign

  • Create a new contact in ActiveCampaign when someone fills out a Contact Form survey

How to set up the Survicate native app

1. In Active Campaign, go to "Apps", search for "Survicate" and select the Survicate app.

2. Click on "Add an account" and select Survicate workspace that you'd like to connect with ActiveCampaign via a native app. Then, click on "Allow".

3. That's it! The integrated workspace should appear under "Connected accounts" in the native app.

How to use the Survicate native app

1. Each survey available on the integrated Survicate workspace is available in ActiveCampaign as a resource. Select the survey you'd like to configure by clicking on its name:

2. Now you to need to set up the required field so Survicate can send survey responses into ActiveCampaign.
❗️Please always set up the required field as email -> email. Otherwise, the integration won't work.

3. Now, for every single question, decide into which fields you'd like to be sending survey responses. Click on "Add field mapping".

In the example below, we'll be sending survey responses like this:

  1. Answer to NPS question  <will be sent to> NPS field  in ActiveCampaign

  2. Answer to Text NPS question <will be sent to> NPS descriptive field  in ActiveCampaign

Here's a video showcasing the flow of the integration:

Mapping the Contact Form question

If your survey has the Contact form question, you can feed respondents' details into ActiveCampaign fields. Make sure you follow the setup below. Survicate email field should always be mapped into ActiveCampaign email field under required fields. The rest of the details should be mapped into the corresponding ActiveCampaign fields under additional fields.

If an existing user answers your survey and provides new contact details, we'll update their ActiveCampaign profile. If a new user answers your survey, we'll create a new contact in ActiveCampaign.

📞 Let us know if you have any questions about the setup, best practices and use cases.

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