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Automatically create Jira tickets with survey responses

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By connecting your Survicate and Jira accounts, you'll be able to automate ticket creation based on survey responses to save your team's time and effort.

With the Survicate - Jira integration, you can:

  • convert negative feedback from Survicate surveys into Jira tickets, enabling your team to quickly address and resolve user-reported issues,

  • act on user feedback quickly and, as a result, improve customer satisfaction,

  • create Jira tickets based on Survicate survey responses to identify which features users request to prioritize their development and create a product users actually need.

In this article, you'll learn how to automate creating Jira tickets once your survey collects a response.

📌 This feature is available on some of the plans. Please visit our Pricing page or reach out to us to learn more.

Enable Email Notifications and connect your Jira account

1. In your Survicate Panel, go to Integrations > Email Notifications and click Connect.

2. In your survey, go to the Connect tab, search Email Notifications and select either Contact form notification, Survey completion notification, or Custom notification.

3. In the pop-up window, add the email address used for your Jira email requests.

Not sure where to find the correct email address?

For Service Desk tickets, the default email account can be found in ServiceDesk - Project settings - Email requests.

For other projects tickets the default email account can be found in Settings - System - Incoming mail - Set up your incoming mail server:

In order to confirm the address, we'll create a Jira ticket with the email address you provided. Please open that ticket and click Verify in the ticket's description to receive notifications.

After these steps, you should see the Pending confirmation.. status change to Active.

4. Select a Question and answer in the Choose conditions section to confirm which survey question and which answer choice(s) should trigger a Jira ticket creation.

You can select more than one question or answer by clicking + Add new.

If you wish to create other project tickets than Service Desk tickets, an additional setup will be needed to automate ticket creation after a survey response:
In Jira, go to Settings - System - Incoming mail - Mail Handlers - Add incoming mail handler

Select Mail Handler Type - Create a new issue from each email message. Click Next.

In the Bulk section select Accept the email for processing.
In the Default Reporter section select a user that will be a default reporter for the tickets.

Otherwise, the ticket will not be created.

🎉 All done! The selected survey can now create tickets in Jira.

See Jira tickets created with survey responses

Whenever you receive a response to the question you selected in Custom notification, a Jira ticket with this response is automatically created.

Data in the ticket will include:

  • survey name

  • question and answer

  • additional comment if the question includes a comment field

  • respondent's attributes, if they were identified.

📞 If you have any questions about setting up the Jira integration - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email: support@survicate.com.

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