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Learn how to create, update and add comments to Zendesk tickets with survey answers.

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You can use Survicate with Zendesk to:

  • Create a new Zendesk ticket as per your template when specified conditions are met;

  • Update tickets in Zendesk upon survey completion or when individual questions are answered;

  • Send survey responses automatically as comments to the tickets;

  • Question level integration - for each survey question, you can decide whether to update or create a new Zendesk ticket;

  • Responses are sent in real-time.

In this article, you will learn how to connect Zendesk integration step-by-step on a survey level to pass your survey responses to your Zendesk tickets to keep track of all the data.

πŸ“Œ Before connecting the integration, make sure your respondents will be recognized. It's necessary to collect respondents' information in order to pass data to the correct Zendesk ticket.

Connect Zendesk integration

1. To enable Zendesk integration, go to the Connect tab of your survey, find, and pick Zendesk from the list of integrations.

2. Click the Connect button to set up the authorization:

3. A pop-up window will appear for you to log in to your Zendesk account. Please enter your Zendesk URL and click Authorize. If you don't see the pop-up window, you may need to allow pop-ups in your browser - please look for the settings in your browser URL bar, or use instructions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, or Safari.

4. Now the integration is ready to use! See the features we offer for Zendesk integration under the settings:

Update tickets based on survey responses

You can push survey responses to update information about your ticket in Zendesk.

​1. Move to the Settings tab of Zendesk Integration, and select Update tickets

2. Select when you want to update the ticket. You can update the ticket after receiving a specific answer to a selected question based on the respondent's attribute or upon survey completion.

3. Set the ticket field value that you want to update.

You can add more conditions to your integration by clicking Add new button.

Create tickets with conditions you set up

You can create new Zendesk tickets when specified conditions are met.

​1. Move to the Settings tab of Zendesk Integration, and select Create tickets

2. You can edit the Ticket template look by clicking the Edit button.

You will see a window where you can edit and add variables, like the respondent's contact information to response given to the Subject, or a Comment on the ticket.

3. Select when you want to create a ticket by selecting the conditions from the dropdown lists. The new ticket can be made upon the specific question, respondent's attribute, or survey completion.

4. Set ticket field value for the ticket created.

You can add more conditions to your integration by clicking the βž•Add new button.

Add comments to a ticket

You can let the integration publish private comments to tickets automatically. These comments will contain the content of the question and the respondent's answer to the survey.

​1. Move to the Settings tab of Zendesk Integration, and select Add comments to ticket.

2. When you send the survey to a ticket requester, the answer will be visible as a comment on the ticket:

Best practices

Use a mailing list in Survicate to distribute your surveys

Create a link or email survey to distribute your surveys after solving a Zendesk ticket, and we automatically capture subscribers' email, ticket ID, and agent. So you'll know who responded to your survey!

πŸ“ž If you have any questions about setting up Zendesk integration - feel free to reach out to our team via chat or email: support@survicate.com

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